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Late stage relief?

I read a lot here about the later stages of psp and it breaks my heart. I think some of the rigidity/pain issues and night terrors/anxiety can be eased (to an extent) by using cbd oil. It's non psychoactive, its legal and you can buy it in the UK. It's also been proven effective in reducing tremors in Parkinson's patients.

This is the recent release from clear UK in April 2015. They are the organisation heading the legalise cannabis campaign in Britain. Please don't let that last sentence close your mind to this medicine. The evidence is too great to dismiss.



Chronic pain

Crohns disease

Multiple sclerosis

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Is this an advertisement?

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Its not no, I'm just trying to share some knowledge.

The human body has a cannabinoid system already built into it, it's like the nervous system and has a hand in controlling how our bodies function.

Here's a link to tell you about cannabinoids in relation to the brain.

Here's a link to inform you about Alzheimer's and medical Marajuana.

Here's a link about treating neurodegeneration diseases with medical cannnais.

My dad has psp, im not trying to sell anything, this is an area of research we should all be looking at. Cannabinoids are able to cross the blood brain barrier.


Yes, something smells a tad fishy here and it's not omega 3


The body has an endocannabinoid system that helps to regulate organs and processes in the body. It is similar to the nervous system. The medicine derived from cannabis is in the form of cannabinoids. You have cannabinoid receptors throughout your body.

There are two kinds of receptors, Cb1 and Cb2.

Cb1 is expressed mainly in the brain (Central nervous system) but also in the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Cb2 is mainly expressed in the immune system and homatopoietic cells (bone marrow, blood cells)

There are probably more receptors that they don't know about yet.

Here are some vids you should watch.

I don't want anything from anyone, my dad has psp.


hahaha. Sorry folks I gotta be on the side of Mindovermonky h's been here a short while and I've read all his stuff and I do believe he is just offering and needing some hope...just like the rest of us.


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I agree with Mndovrmnky. I suggest that everybody see the CNN documentary. It's quite an eyeopener from a party that I don't think is bias. Nothing less than mindblowing.

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Thanks for that information, I will look into that. I am all for natural remedies for helping my wife, who has had CBD/PSP for the past year. I was shocked to read rigidity/pain issues and night terrors/anxiety are in the later stages as my wife already has these symptoms.

I did read somewhere that the cannabis female plant is where the drug comes from and the male plant is where the healthy parts come from.


All the medicine is in the female plant in the flowers. Males only produce pollen which is no use. The medicine is produced by not allowing the female to be pollinated.

Nowadays there are two types of cannabis. Cbd dominant and thc dominant. The thc is what gets you high, cbd has the opposite effect. So if you take too much thc you can reduce the effects by taking cbd.

Cbd strains are of the type used to treat epilepsy in small children so that should give you an idea of how safe cbd is.

The cbd oil I purchased in the UK is legal, cbd is legal.


I could be wrong on the late stage thing, my dad is early stage psp, so Im still new to this. I meant for ppl who are bed bound etc. I should have worded it differently, sorry.


I have been hearing great things about cbd oil. They say it is a powerful antioxidant which is great for heart and brain health. You might have won me over...


I've allowed myself to get a little excited after reading this in the clear UK document.

Cannabis has proven anti-inflammatoryandneuroprotectiveproperties. Inflammation plays a major role in not only Alzheimer’s, but motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, AIDS, dementia, multiple sclerosis, autism, schizophrenia, etc.

2003. The US government holds patent US6630507, ‘Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants’:

“...for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.” (34)

2006. THC has been shown to inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s more effectively than any currently prescribed pharmaceutical product. (35)

2007. British Journal of Pharmacology:

“Cannabinoids offer a multi-faceted approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by providing neuroprotection and reducing neuroinflammation, whilst simultaneously supporting the brain’s intrinsic repair mechanisms...” (36)

2012.AndrasBilkei-Gorzoof theUniversityofBonn:

“...elevation of cannabinoid receptor activity either by pharmacological blockade of the degradation of cannabinoids or by receptor agonists could be a promising strategy for slowing down the progression of brain ageing and for alleviating the symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders.” (37)

2012. Journal of Neuroinflammation:

“The chronic administration of non-selective cannabinoids may delay the onset of cognitive deficits in AD patients; this will dramatically reduce the socio-economic burden of AD and improve the quality of life of the patients and their families.” (38)

2014.ProfessorGaryWenk,of OhioStateUniversity:

“...using low doses of marijuana for prolonged periods of time at some point in your life, possibly when you’re middle-aged to late middle-aged, is probably going to slow the onset or development of dementia, to the point where you’ll most likely die of old age before you get Alzheimer’s.” (39)

2014. Steven Fagan of the University of Dublin:

“Pharmacological modulation of the endocannabinoid system has been shown to reduce chronic activation of the neuroinfl ammatory response, aid in Ca2+ homeostasis, reduce oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and the resulting proapoptotic cascade, while promoting neurotrophic support.” (40)

2014. Chuanhai Cao of the University of South Florida:

“These sets of data strongly suggest that THC could be a potential therapeutic treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease through multiple functions and pathways.” (41)

34. Patent: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants, US 6630507 B1, 2003. http:/

35. AmolecularlinkbetweentheactivecomponentofmarijuanaandAlzheimer’sdisease pathology. Mol Pharm. 2006 http:/

36. Alzheimer’sdisease;takingtheedgeoffwithcannabinoids?BJP,2007. http:/

37. Theendocannabinoidsysteminnormalandpathologicalbrainageing,Phil. Trans.R.Soc.B, 2012. http:/ Cannabinoids-and-Brain-Ageing.pdf

38. Canthebenefitsofcannabinoidreceptorstimulationonneuroinflammation, neurogenesis and memory during normal aging be useful in AD prevention? J Neuroinflammation. 2012. http:/

39. HowSmokingMarijuanaMightBeTheBestWayToPreventAlzheimer’sDisease,Leaf Science, 2014. http:/ way-preventalzheimers-disease/

40. The influence of cannabinoids on generic traits of neurodegeneration. British Journal of Pharmacology, 2014. http:/

41. The potential therapeutic effects of THC on Alzheimer’s disease. J Alzheimers Dis. 2014. http:/


I don't know if I've told you this older brothers smoked pot. I was 9 and they thought it was funny seeing their little sister get high...and for the next 8 years I was a regular user. When I was 12, I had this wierd experience while walking from my house to the store. I was starting out, and then I was there! I do not remember how I got there....This could be cuz I was daydreaming or whatever. But for some reason I felt it was more than that. More on that later. When I was 17, I stopped using. It was a whole spiritual being thing that I had to change and Kona Gold was one of those changes (I lived in Kona, Hi. during my teens). during my 2d year of college, I was 21 and work-studying in an office....I sat down and WHOOSH! everyone just got far away Like looking through the otherside of binoclulars or about a high! All I could say was "whoa trippy" and I woke up some hours later in the hospital! My first sierzure....I think...or was that incident when I was 12 a siezure.? And if it was, did cannabis prevent me from having other siezures? Did I start having that nuerological disorder on a constant basis because I gave up the Gold? well I never knew there could have been a link until YEARS later. But I didn't want pot in my children's home so I haven't yet started back. But now that Bruce has PSP and we don't have any kids the house....maybe we should look into this CBD !

Sorry for the rambling but thanks for the info once again, MindoverPSP!


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because of prohibition only strains high in thc have been available in recent times. Like during alcohol prohibition there was no beer, only spirits. Well those days are gone with cannabis. There are now strains with varying ratios of cbd:thc Look into strains with a 1:1 ratio, All the health benefits and no high.

There is apparently something called the entourage effect, all the cannabinoids together are more effective than thc or cbd alone.

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Yah tried alcohol too..Probably ruined what little neurology I have left! I don't recommend it for solving any problem.....hahaha

I'm not talking about an occasional glass of wine.....I'm talking about a 6 pack...and at 4'10" and 95 lbs.....CR here I come hahahaha!


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Here's a vid of how cannabis affects Alzheimer's. This was posted on youtube on the 1st of September 2015.

The chap who posted the vid mentions his mother has osteoporosis and 30% of her body weight is hunched forwards. He says she used to fall all the time but hasn't since starting the meds. 19months. He says they are using a synthetic cannabis medicine called marinol. It is legal across America. The UK has its own Sativex, but it's only available to multiple sclerosis sufferers.

The meds kick in around 10min 30 secs.

Is aimless wandering a part of psp?


Synthetic cannabinoid significantly reduces spasticity related pain.


We use oil containing THC and CBD. When given before sleep, my hubby gets a better sleep quality and when given in the morning he says it helps against his pains and stiffness.

It isn't legal in our country, but we have found sources we trust and have cut prescription medicines.

He doesn't get high as the doses always are like one grain of rice.

We have never previously been in contact with cannabis or other "illegal substances".

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Thanks for responding Charlotte :)


An overview of the endocannabinoid system.

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Recent interview with the doc who discovered the endocannabinoid system.



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