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I'm a bit thick

Ok i have looked up the chc funding. It says about nursing care etc. We have carers comeing in twice a day funded by sociol services? If you get chc funding who provides the care then. Would it be the same people that we have now or would they be people like the district nurse team. Because at the moment we can manage with the support that we've got but i know that won't be the case long term. Janexx

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Hi jzygirl. Not sure who provides the care for CHC in your own home. Mum was already in the care home when we applied for it. I do know that nursing care only pays for the care side and not room and food etc. You have to fund that side yourself. We were very lucky that mum was awarded chc and we didn't have to appeal. It is very long winded and the criteria is very complex. Contact the local NHS provider at Colchester her name that we dealt with was Marion Howard a lovely lady who was a great help but I think she has moved to a different office now. I can find out from Dad who it is now for you as she only visited Mum couple of weeks ago. Just remember your answer to everything has to be 'Unpredictable' as PSP changes from day to day.

Let me know if there is anything else you want to know.

Best wishes Di x x


Thank you Di. I don't think we would get it at the moment because he only needs help with transfers and personal care. We have one carer in the morning and i act as second carer and we have 2 carers at night to get him ready for and into bed. He has no broken skin. And i will admit i only keep the carers on because of the bad days.

Hope things are well with you and mum is as good as she can be. Janexx

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Jzygirl, just found the address for you on an old email.

Continuing Healthcare Team

Room 17a

The primary Care Centre

Turner Road


Co4 5JR

Tel 01206286758

I wrote first of all giving details of Mums illness and situation and asked for an initial assessment to be carried out. It is only if they meet the initial criteria that a full assessment is done this is where all the people involved with the care are present including the patient and family. Social workers, dieticians, speech and language etc. It took a few months for it to all come together.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes. X x

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It won't be the district nurse team. As you have funding now I would think the continuing care coordinator will want you to have continuity. We weren't getting any help before CHC and the co ordinator told me she would contact several agencies to see who could provide what we needed.



Mum is changeable still and not sure really what's keeping her going. Carers say she is very strong willed! She is barely 5 stone now and eating and drinking very little. They have got on the premises now pain relief to be administered by syringe driver but thankfully doesn't appear to be much pain even though she is in foetal position and bones have fused together.

Back to chc its worth giving them a call to at least get them on board as things can change quite quickly. Good on you though for caring for him so well at home.

X x x


Hi jzygirl

We have an information sheet on NHS Continuing Healthcare which you may find helpful. It is downloadable but if you prefer a paper copy please give the helpline a call on 0300 0110 122 and we will send one out to you.

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Thank you


Hi jzgirl. My mum was cared for at home until she went into hospice. We tried several times, unsuccessfully, for chc funding and only got it when mum was at end of life stage (locked in) and had been in hospital for several weeks. The hospital social worker and mum's district nurses were able to rush chc through so mum could be discharged. Mum already had two carers four times a day, plus district nurses twice a day. Although chc have their own care agencies, we were able to negotiate keeping the agency mum had before she went into hospital, for continuity of care, as psp needs are so complex. Chc is funded by NHS so once it's in place social services funding ends.


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