So pleased for darkness

Oh how i do count my blessings. Sitting in my garden wrapped in my big fluffy dressing gown watching a couple of hedgehogs eating prawn crackers. Snorting and snuffling at each other if they get within a foot of each other. They are so intent on what they are doing that they took no notice of me watching and enjoying the simple delight of knowing that I'm not the only thing enjoying my garden at this time of night. Janexx

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  • Oh Jane, I'm glad you are enjoying these moments of peace in your garden. I think I'm in for a late, long night. C is making his mating reindeer calls as he tries to cough at the same time as he is sitting on the commode and I know from experience he will want to stay on it for a long time.

    I haven't seen our hedgehogs for a few weeks now. Yesterday I was talking to a neighbour 4 houses away as he took his dogs home after a walk. I was stroking the biggest one when my neighbour said the dog had killed 2 hedgehogs in their garden in the last 3 weeks. Apparently the dog had to have hedgehog spines removed from his face after he caught the second one so I hope it's put him off attacking any more. I was quite sad as I expect they were the ones that came in our garden.

    I hope you both sleep well tonight and have a good day tomorrow.


  • Oh NannaB, I'm sorry about your hedgehogs and your husband. But don't worry ther'ell be more little animals next season if not sooner.

    And your husband the only councel I can give you is brew a strong cup of tea and get ready...Dad nearly scewered my arm last night as he fell out of bed into my arm with his walker....No blood just a bruise and pain like a charlie-horse today..... get some rest where you can and watch out for those mating reindeers....they can be very demanding!!!


  • Bev you did tell me you have a effect pent commode chair to ours .

    I have place. Board , well actually it's a thin support cushion it just happened to fit lol . Below the bowl so that when I remove it I can then place a mirror and small light just where I can see everything I need to cleanse with ought raising John .

    I keep a small low table which I use like a stool , then I can sit without having to bend so far . I can see everything that I need to cleanse . I am thinking of patent it lol .. I keep some tissues underneath as well just in case he suddenly start going to toilet again . it an and has happened as you will know ,

    have I mentioned that tip before if so sorry to repeat all the time .

  • What a brilliant idea and no, you hadn't mentioned it before. That will save me getting on my knees and peering at his nether regions.


    It's sunny here after the very dark, Autumnal day yesterday. Doesn't it make everything look rosier when the sun is shining.

    Have a good week.


  • I am so glad you found it helpful . otherwise John is left hanging in the air in the sling while I tend to him . I use the smallest table from my nest of tables as a stool its strong and quite safe for me to sit on . I use one of the small lights u put in cupboards with the hand mirror , Maybe we can patent one .

    I worked out how to take a photo by pointing my laptop to the mirror . kinky or what !!!!!

    john get sore and if the GP or nurse comes I have to hoist him for them to check . this way I have a photo to show them instead .

    it's all the little tips which make a big difference isn't it .

    same as the little things to keep them comfortable such as making sure the PJ tops are not ruffled up under them and their trouser not put on straight , pads not too tight . that's my latest gripe . they can cut into the legs .

  • :) I was walking my dog this afternoon when suddenly she stopped with her sites intent on something. It didn't take long to see a groundhog(?) also enjoying the (neighbors) garden . It finally looked up, and semi startled at us watching with sheer delight, (well I was , dog was looking forward to a good chase) wobbled off into some lower sanctuary. By now dog was almost uncontrollable. After a few minutes of snorting and rooting , dog became satisfied or just forgot the event.......

    What nice little pleasure in watching nature scurry about! Thanks Jane for your story. Without it I would have forgotten my own little experience!


  • Your post took me back many years to the day we found by our front door two baby hedgehogs and they were really baby hedgehogs abandoned in their nest by their mother .We took advice and reared them by hand giving them goats'milk ,using dolls feeding bottles .They had to be fed every two hours to start with and they were small enough for two of them to sit in the palm of my hand .Their bristles were as soft as down and you would not believe the noise they could make if you were late with their feed - it was like a high pitched whistle - boy could they yell . We had to go to London from Devon to take our son to an interview at Camberwell Art School so the hedgehogs came too and caused some bemused looks as we sat on the rear of our estate car and fed them . As they grew we moved onto solids - cat food and they grew apace . We let them go in the garden but quite often you would be chopping something up in the kitchen and you would be aware of a presence and looking down there would be a pair of hedgehogs looking hopefully up .One evening I went into the kitchen and the back door was open as usual and our red setter Gemma was flat out in front of the Aga warming her back and curled up against her was the smaller of the two hedgehogs , both fast asleep . Eventually the hedgehogs packed their bags and left for pastures new - but it was such fun whilst it lasted .

  • What a lovely story. Your dog wasn't like our neighbours then. I think "our" hedgehogs were the two he killed last month in his garden. We've had hedgehogs at the back door nearly every evening from Spring until Autumn for the last 4 years. I still look for them and put out food but it is eaten by slugs andd cats now. I'm still hoping they have gone on holiday and will be back soon.


  • Sweet!

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