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This is my first post. Since my husband is still waiting for an official diagnosis (we are seeing a specialist at UCSF tomorrow after a 6 month wait- but from my research, he seems to have all the symptoms of PSP) I've hesitated but I could use some help.

He is still somewhat active, moving around our home with a walker or a cane. He does fall frequently and it seems one major cause is his rising from his chair. He spends his day in a ridged chair with armrests but it's on a hardwood floor so it sometimes slips out from under him. Of course, all our area rugs are gone because they are also hazards. I was hoping to find a heavy chair that swivels (no rocking) so he can turn 45degrees from his desk computer to the TV. We looked at the chairs that lift you up but he is so impulsive he doesn't wait to be in position before he attempts to stand. It doesn't swivel anyway. Has anyone found a chair that is somewhat safe and easier to lift from?

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  • Hi and welcome. I would get referred to an occupational therapist, not sure if you are in the UK, if so your GP can do this.


  • My guy uses a big old Computer chair and its back to the wall and I have put our table so when my husband wants to get up he is able to grab the Conner of the table( heavy duty table) to pull himself up. Doesn't always work but it's all trail and error.

    Good luck

    Dee in BC

  • For me it was trial and terror!

  • I also wrap non slip fabric on the wheels.


  • I'm really sorry to have nothing but sympathy to offer. The impulsive rising has been a constant source of danger and disaster for us for the entire course of this illness. Broken furniture, broken ribs, nothing could teach my love to control that impulse. The electric lift seat our OT prescribed was never useful. Too slow, too uncomfortable, too complicated. We worked hard with various physical therapists on safe rising techniques, which worked well as long as I was right there to help, never otherwise.

    I did get tallish wooden swiveling captain's chairs for the kitchen table, and they were good for about a year before he took to the wheelchair.

    Wishing you good luck at your appointment.


  • Hi bsilverman,

    Welcome to this site. My husband uses a laptop. We found it was easier than the desktop computer. He keeps it next to him on the table, all he has to do is reach over to pick it up. He can also hold it very close to his eyes when he has trouble seeing. He too, has trouble getting up and down and sometimes the chair being able to swivel is more of a hindrance than a help. We're looking into a lift chair, but his pride is standing in the way of ease. I hope you find something that works for you. Without the laptop, my husband would feel very isolated.


  • Thanks Lynn. That sounds like a good suggestion.

  • My wife and I are at USSF Mission Bay campus today and tomorrow April 11 & 12. We are part of a phase 2 clinical trial. If you would like to talk please let me know.


  • which trial is it? Were you in a phase i trial?

  • AbbVie phase 2 trial.

  • Do you have any information regarding the phases of this disease . As soon as we seem to figure out a problem and are comfortable with it, things change. My husband has had some minor injuries and soreness from falls. We are never sure if he is becoming weaker or his movement is compromised by soreness from falls.

  • I had just asked the neurologist about this very thing. He directed me to this form - and filled it out for me. He said it wasn't that helpful because some people with low scores need more help before some with high scores. I guess it depends on what symptom are advancing. Check it out here ttps://

    I've been confused by the same things as well. Every time he falls there seems to be a new area of soreness. He has complained about both his hands being injured (2 years ago) and blames the injury for his impossible handwriting.

  • Yes. Indeed. I will email you. It will be from

  • I got W a dual controlled riser recliner and it is sturdy and comfortable, but it doesn't swivel. The make is Celebrity, they have several styles in different sizes and can be covered in either leather or fabric. Our OT had not heard of this make but was pleased with it and took our brochure to shiw to others.

    When W goes to bed you will find me on it.

    You can view their range online, find retailers and order swatches at

    Hope you get sorted soon. Nanny857x

  • A recliner with a lift has worked great for my husband for almost a year. We have it near a wall and also have a metal bar on the wall for him to use for stability and balance. The chair just has two buttons,( up and down). When it he stops pushing it, it stops. It is also helpful when he goes to sit. The chair being a little raised helps him sit. At this time sitting down can be a struggle for him. A strong computer chair would be great, but at this time my husband would need assistance getting in and out. We have tried to address each need realizing it may soon change. It can be tough, but it's great when you find something that makes life easier for someone you love.

  • I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions, but I know what you are speaking of. So far, my husband has been able to manage with controlled rising he learned at physical therapy. Sometimes when he is seated in our recliners he has a hard time getting himself up and falls back from a semi standing position, but fortunately, it's into a padded chair. We have only had an official diagnosis since November. I thought knowing would make me feel better, but it hasn't. Sending love and support.

  • Thanks Baytalon

    We got our diagnosis, finally today. I'm officially in the club. Strange how my husband had absolutely no reaction. Today is just like yesterday for him. I know he doesn't have a clue of what awaits him. I'll keep it that way as long as possible but at the same time I feel like I need to prepare. Whatever that means.

  • I totally understand. My husband was the same way. I know a few days later he read about it, because he became very quiet and we made an appointment with the lawyer to update wills, advanced directives, etc. Today I mentioned PSP in a passing comment and he asked, "What's that." I simply said, "That's what your neurologist thinks you have." Heartbreaking.

  • Hi This disease sucks big time. Remember you are on one journey and he is on another. Take very good care of yourself. Can't stress that enough. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hi my brother has PSP with in eight months bought a lift chair which is very expensive, he used a walker then into a wheel chair he does not use the lift chair anymore every thing is to uncomfortable for him, with all the falling please get a helmet saves their heads from severe head trauma, and hopefully the rest of his body will not get hurt. Such a dreaded disease. Take care. Nettie

  • I found the solution while getting my hair done. It's a salon chair! It's got a heavy base so it doesn't move easily. It has good support, arms, the height is adjustable. And it swivels!

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