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remember: before you go to hospital

hospital error is the third leading cause of death in USA, 98,000 people died last year from hospital error.

Sort of makes you think. I think it is only my generation that believed that hospitals were safe places. I know my parents generation were terrified of doctors and hospitals and fought like mad to never be taken to see a doctor or go to a hospital. Both my mother and my grandmother died in hospital of medical error and arrogance.

I think a hands on faith healer, a shaman, a pilgrimage, crystals, Bach flower remedies etc. are safer, cheaper, and probably as effective.


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him sillian that is certainly one hell of a lot of people mate what are they trying to do cull the population of the states sorry about the s in sillian mate the letter I want does not work on my puter matey along with a few others ]]]]take care and keep away from them places see yer peter jones queensland austraslia psp sufferer

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