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Sleep Medication

Many thanks to all who shared their experiences with sleep medication. I am going to see if I can find 5HTP in the interim and, if that fails, zopiclone sounds like it might be a good alternative.

Meanwhile, the night time behaviour gets more extreme. I have a horrible feeling that Don may be like msomaya's dad where nothing seems to help with the sleeping problem:-(

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If nothing else, take the 5-http yourself and try to sleep through it!


I have been threatening to take his meds myself and sleep through all the night time behaviours. Glad to see someone else is on the same wave length:-)


Hi Lohall, It was extreme tiredness that caused me to seek help and I fully endorse Heady's response, keep knocking on doors until you get practical help. It won't help anyone, least of all your loved one if you can no longer cope. If you are in the UK there is an organisation called 'Crossroads' that initially proved my salvation, and I was informed about them by either our local hospice or social services I am no longer sure which. I do remember that it all seemed to happen at once and from having no help or interest shown from the GP/NHS, I had an ever increasing amount starting with an assessment by social services. That started the ball rolling, from which point on I had both caring help and equipment, like a hoist, a hospital bed and sundry small items that made life so much more convenient for us both. I eventually had a wet room installed. Whilst it is OK for relatives to struggle once professional carers are involved they rightly are provided with the tools to do the Job. I do hope you soon get the help you need, it shouldn't be a struggle but I'm afraid sometimes life's like that, as the need for this site bears witness.

Kindest regards and best wishes, Jerry.

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for responding. I am in Australia and have been getting respite in daylight hours. I also have all the equipment I need to date, but I suspect a hoist will be the next item on the list. It is the night time where the problems are the greatest and that is when respite care is not so readily available. I'll continue on and meanwhile I will be trying to put things in place that make caring at home sustainable.

Kind regards,



Hi Lois I am in Western Australia & get personal care + domestic service from Southern Cross Care - very Good - I am supposed to have PSP - seeing a neurologist since 2008 but last time found not progressing as would have been expected supposed good news! Are u the carer or the person with PSP?


Hi marytea,

I am also in Western Australia and get respite from Bethanie twice a week during daylight hours.

I am the carer, not the sufferer. My husband has PSP, and Frontal Lobe Dementia which seems to be progressing rather quickly.


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