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Happy Boxing day everyone

I just wondered if anyone knew the life expectancy of some with CBD, my mum was diagnosed in 2007 & has gone down hill fast over the past 6 months she has to have thickening agents in her food & drinks now as she keeps choking, cant hold her head up straight anymore, has no use of her arms or legs & has to be hoisted she thinks she can walk & take herself to the bathroom etc, I know everyone is different but just wondered if there was a time frame & some days i just wish she would stop fighting & go to sleep,


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Sorry Stepheon't know much about that but think everyone is different in the way it affects them. My sister has PSP for about 4/5 years now and like you I just pray that she goes to sleep and that's the end for she is totally dependant and can't communicate now I am finding it very very difficult leaving her after every visit I cry all the way home. Rose is 81 and I am 66 she was 15 when I was born 6 brothers in between us. Take care and I hope you get an answer to your question soon.


The diseases PSP, CBD, and MSA are TOTALLY unpredictable as to length of life or even the symptoms. My wife did not have at least 34 symptoms that other patients have reported. Each individual is different and of course only one person, higher power, knows the number of anyone's days, including the healthy. Don' worry about the time it simply just doesn't matter!!!!! Jimbo


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