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Bed sores

Hi everyonei haven't posted for a while. Still getting my head around the whole PSP. Dad is deteriorating and the saliva is causing him to cough lots to try to clear it. But I'm asking about sore today. Mam has noticed a sore forming on dads bottom. He doesn't get up out of his chair much unless prompted doesn't even seem to need the loo unless asked or told. Ayone else noticed sores? X

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Pressure sores are a common danger with patients who are bed-ridden or chair-bound. They can be dangerous and hard to heal. I think you ought to talk to a medical professional about it. There are ways to deal with them. Good luck. Easterncedar


Pressure sores need professional attention and the quicker the better. There are chairs available that have memory foam on all contact surfaces that are adjustable, with a single control, so that the major pressure bearing ares can be altered regularly and frequently. I would suggest a word with the OT should assist in it's provision. My wife didn't have a pressure sore until she was confined to bed, even though it was a hospital type bed with an air mattress. In fact I was waiting for delivery of a better air mattress when she died, so please make sure you get the very best available equipment when talking with the OT, pressure sores are difficult to heal and very painful.

Very best wishes, Jerry.

PS If you need the name of the manufacturer of the chair I'm sure I can find it, somewhere!

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We used a very, very thick cream that comes in a tube. Normal non-thick creams that rub right in aren't the answer. You need one the will stick on the top and is very hard to rub in. It worked for us great.



Many thanks I've advised mam sees dads district nurse XxX


Have th district nurse look at it as soon as possible . When it is healed use a special crem . The nurse got us Cavilon but I found it made the skin red so thought I would try the cream they use for baby's bottoms . Eureka even better l Use all th time now . Prevention better than cure .

Good luck , hope it heals quickly


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