How many Jills? And what can that mean?

How many Jills are here? Maybe it is the Jill destiny? Or the outcome of the Jack and Jill incident? Or the true meaning of "Jill" in Greek or Latin? Or a shared Curse? Something at the naming of the baby like in Sleeping Beauty with the Bad Fairy being jealous of all the pretty little Jill babies? Kinda makes you wonder. Or maybe I am slowly, or not slowly, losing my mind???? Thoughts?

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  • I think it's a year thing. 1959/61 seems to be the year of Jane. I know six ladies in our bowls club called Pat all approximately 70 years old. Any help. Janexx

  • Hi Jane -

    I'm in my 70s and there were three Pats in my class/form at school (and one Gillian at Guides.)

    Only know one Jill though (in her 60s?)


  • hi i am aJILL not jILLLIAN but a jILL ANN1

    I ha ve always like dmy name actually and it can be lengthene dot jIlly or jillyflower as my granny use dot call me but i only know of 1 other true JILL in my life apart from the one son this site

    ejnough i need to eat my porridge chocolate and coffee for my b'fast

    lol Jill


  • Nice to hear from another Jill. I have only known 2 other Jills in High School in Detroit, Michigan USA. 1964. This site seems to bring them out of the woodwork; I guess it is our age a popular name post WWII. Beautiful day here in Costa Rica as we enter our summer after the rainy season. Enjoy your porridge; I'm on my third cup of coffee,

    Jill-Costa Rica

  • I worked in a secondary school for 20 years and the job I did meant I personally met with every pupil on entry. In those 20 years, we never had a Jill or Gillian on the school roll. I have a cousin Jill and a friend Gillian, both in their 60s. We also had 3 members of staff called Jill during that time.

    Nanna B

  • I think we are tracking down the cause of the "Jill" mystery. I was born in 1946...maybe Baby Boomers???

  • hi zjilliann

    i too am a baby boomer born in 1946 so

    if my mother were still alive i could ask her - i know one of my dad's aunties wanted to call em Gillian and "JILL ANN" was a compromise?



  • I do am 1946. My mother wanted to call me Melody, for some reason, but my Grandmother forbid it. So Jill was next and my father is Jack. Too cute? Poor man, I am his only child and a girl and JILL!!!

    Jill, Also

  • lovely story `jILL



  • If you think this is funny, I grew up with a brother named Jack! It's interesting to see the looks on peoples' faces when we are introduced now in our seventies. But have you heard any of those Jack and Jill jokes? Pretty rough on a high schooler! F.Y.I. I never met another Jill until I went to college and then I met a girl down the hall, whose name was almost identical to mine.

    Obviously, it means " caring person!". Hi, Jill's

  • I'll top that. My FATHER"S name was Mom thought it was cute. I think it was hardest on him, he was a tough X-boxer, military man and cute was not what he was looking for in his only child.


  • Ok. a little research on Google:

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