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Daytime pump peg feeding versus overnight?

Mum recently been moved from four daily boluspeg feeds to overnight pump feeding as she was having terrible bouts of diarrhoea and abdo pain and they thought the slow pump may help. However the pump is continually alarming in the night as she seems to thrash about move her arms and groan a lot! I am on my own at night and have to say it's the time I really wonder if keeping her at home is the best option ( 3/4 nights of interrupted sleep makes anyone cranky!)

So I'm wondering if all you wonderful knowledgeable people have any thoughts/ experience of this?

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When my dad was being peg fed we did it over 8 hours through the day,we set it up early in a morning after washing and dressing him,we had a back pack so if we took him out it was tucked safely in a night time he had a sleeping tablet,and he slept all night dad used to shout and thrash about in the the sleeping tablet helped a lot,good luck with everything x


Lovely, Can't help but I can give you a big HUG! You'll work it out or it will get worked out for you. As you know it's just another blip/problem on the PSP trip. Hang in there and be strong for your mom. Jimbo


Dear Jimbo

Thanks for your reply mummy has had another emergency admission tonight as bp was v v high and O2 v low for the past two days she has been trying to pull the peg out. She's had it for two years an


... And it's clear she wants it out now .... I think she's absolutely had enough. A rather wonderful hospital doctor calmed her down tonight and told her not to pull it out that he would remove it in a couple if days if that's what she wants. Her swallow is v v poor she's been nil by mouth for about 3 months ... Speech unintelligent now too ...such a cruel relentless


hi lovelyliverbird

i do nto know if your mum is over the thrashing about )9which is awful) she must be in pain or is it the Psp taking its toll of her ?

one never knows but are you actually living in Liverpool?

i am a few miles away in st helens

;]lol Jill



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