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Position of the chin when aiming the eyes?

If you ask your person with PSP to look and concentrate on something straight ahead, do they raise their chin up to focus? I know we have discussed normal head posture a while back but I am asking now about aiming their point of focus. Is their chin pointed up when they are forced to concentrate on the tip of your nose?

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Hi Mcfly,

Just tried that test on S and yes, the chin did rise slightly when looking at the end of his nose!

Lots of love



I tried this yesterday as I had to get a passport type photo of my husband for his blue parking badge. Instructions from council said he must be looking straight forward and looking into the camera. For someone who usually has his chin on his chest and eyes closed, not easy. After many minutes I managed to persuade him to focus on the eye line in the photo booth for a brief moment. He did raise his chin a few centimetres for enough seconds for the photo to be taken. I have written a covering letter as is doesn't look like a pass port photo, but better than the one of the top of his head that was taken first.

Nanna B


Just tried it and it was normal not lifted.


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