Do you use the "pull-up" pant style incontinence pads?

We have a quantity of these products which are now surplus to our requirements and the provider won't take them back. They are still in their original unopened packaging and are looking for a good home. Size large. Free to anyone who can collect from SE9 area of London. If interested reply with email address to arrange collection.

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  • Hi Kathy

    I live in SE13 area of London, know SE9 well! My email address is, I could collect by Friday.


    Dorothy T

  • Hi Dorothy,

    Will be in touch.



    We have quite a large quantity and would like to share with as many people as we can so please do not feel it is "too late" to respond if you are interested.

  • Thank you Kathy. Unfortunately I have limited storage so would only be able to take a few.



  • Kathy, Thanks for offering your help to those in the London area. People like you make our PSP lives easier.


  • Hi Jim,

    Mum was an eminently practical woman and abhorred waste so it's what she would have wanted! The OTs provided a very expensive postural management system and we've been told to "dispose" of it because they won't take it back and re-use it. Mum would be horrified!

    How are you getting on?

    Love Kathy x

  • Kathy, I'm hanging on as best I can. I told friends I understand when the statement is made "He/She died of a broken heart". That's about where I am at the moment, broken hearted. Thanks for asking. Jimbo

  • Oh Jim, bless you :-( I hope you can feel the great big hug I'm sending your way xxx

  • Hi Kathy -

    We found the local care home were only too pleased to have our "leftovers".


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