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What do you do when your PSP family member can't call out loud enough for you to hear them from another room?

Here's what I found worked for my dear wife Sharyn and I. First I placed a bell (type hotel desks have) by her bed and chair. That worked for a very short time. She couldn't coordinate the hand and tap motion required to ring the bell loud enough. Next thing that worked VERY well was an indoor, yes INDOOR door bell (battery operated). The sound making part of the device we kept in our living room. The activating button was kept by Sharyn's bed and another by her chair. She would push the button when she needed me. The bell was loud and a pleasant tone. I think this worked better than a baby monitor because her voice was so soft. Her voice was low and soft before PSP so you can imagine with PSP what is was like. I hope this helps someone. Jimbo

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I not only used a bedside bell but also a remote push button for her bedside or chair side lamp.


We have a bleep, provided by social services. It has a good range, I can hear it in the garden as well as in the house.


We have a bunch of whistles that are hanging in strategic places - next to the bed, in the bathroom, next to his chair etc. Sometimes I hang one around his neck if he's in the garden etc. Although he doesn't blow it very hard, the sound cuts through and I can hear him from anywhere in the house.


Sawa, Probably blowing a whistle might help with speech in some small way also. Exercising the airways.



ye wall good ideas as i cannot shout any more

and we are in a large apartment form one end to the other so my partner cannot hear me when i call out to him

(or he is fe dup with trying to get me up from the floor and clocks off about 9pm at night)

so the re are solutions

i have a careline too in place which mean s if i am on my own i can always press the button around my neck and get help that way

lol Jill

and a:-)


Singing good for mouth and throat exercise


My husband can't sing!he was told that when he was a small boy and has remained with the idea all his life so he would never try but I have been thinking of giving him a bell or something to ring, or would it end up being thrown by me to the bottom of the garden, after time!!!!

D x


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