Is this Silent Migraine's?

Hello, I have alot of eye problems in the last 18 months from bouts of very bad double vision accompanied with blurred and unable to do anything for bouts of 30mins or so. I have also had permanent damage too and had lenses changed 5 times over this period for long sited and in the last 3 months needed glass;s for short sighted too. I realise our eye;s deteriorate with age (i am 52) but this seems very fast. I have lost hearing in my right ear too which has virtually gone now and constantly feel as if I am falling from side to side. I have had Tinnitus all my life. Meniere;s disease has been diagnosed but Nuero has been trying to convince me that I have Silent Migraine's too rather than Tia. Does anybody else get permanent damage to there eye's like me from only getting the Aura of a Migraine or is it just getting older that I get this type of damage. Your experience's would be helpful please

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  • Dear Poppyseed - I don't know if my guy's experience is relevant or not. He did have the type of migraine you describe - distortions of vision rather than pain - for most of his adult life. When he was looking for the diagnosis for his movement problems, the brain scan showed white areas that the neurologist likened to scarring, which he said was not uncommon in the brains of migraine sufferers, and nothing to worry about. Oddly, the migraines, which he'd had most of his life, abated entirely about a year before his psp diagnosis. I credited it at the time with his being under less stress, retired and happy, but they haven't come back, and he's under awful stress now. He does have double vision and difficulty focusing now, and reading has gotten very hard for him, but some of that is probably age-related, and some, the worst of it, is psp. I don't mean to play doctor here, and am sorry if this is off-base, but your sudden change in eyesight seems dramatic and awful, so I have to ask whether you might have undiagnosed diabetes, which can have that effect. Folks here have often commented that once you have the psp diagnosis, everything gets blamed on that, and sometime signs of other problems are missed. I do hope you find some good answers soon, and that your eyesight improves. Best wishes, Easterncedar

  • thank you for your reply I appreciate you taking the time too. I do have blood tests in bulk each year and only assume they check for diabetes, so maybe I need to stop assuming and ask. My symptoms are slower in nature thank heavens to that too. I have also given up work and lessoned stress and this has helped me too, have a lovely day xx

  • Good luck Poppyseed. All best wishes and thinking of you

  • Hi, If you are having balance issues and eye issues it could be you have PSP, CBD, or MSA, or some other brain disease. One of the "markers" for PSP is vertical gaze palsy. Check out the symptoms for PSP and see if you match any of them.


  • Thank you Jimbo, my symptoms do match CBD but seem slower in nature. Its upsetting but I do need to know what I am facing. I have had a gut feeling something is happening so I made the decision to sell everything but the kitchen sink last year, and go on some nice weekend breaks with hubby whilst I am fit enough. Lets hope its some new disease that is much slower in progression. I hope the sun is shinning where you are.xx

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