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Tell me more about PSP

Hi, I am 35 years old and I notice tremor in fingers on my left hand two months ago. Now I have tremor in my right hand too. Before that I had problems with my vision, every few days I can't see well on my eye or my eyes. Also, I have pain in my neck, shoulders and hips. I have problems with my balance. I take meds for depression and insomnia. I will see my neurologist at Frebruary 29. Please, can you tell me more about PSP, are my simtoms tipical for that or not? Is there anyone so young with PSP? Is it true that meds for PD not working for PSP? Sorry for so many questions, I am so afraid, I have 2 daughters, they are 4,5 and 6 years old, and I notice that here are people related with persons who have PSP, and not persons who have desease. Tnx for patience and sorry for bad English...

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i have psp and do not knwo of anyone your age with it

I am 66 and was diagnosed dec 2010

you need ot speak ot your neurologist re the symptoms

love jill

sorry i cannolt be of more help



I sent you a message on PD forum... Can you tell me what was your first simptoms?

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Somebody else? Please!!


My dad has had to have various blood tests and scans and sees the neurologist every 3 months and has had a speech and language therapist come out to help with his talking and his coughing when eating


My mother has 69 years old, she was diagnosed in May 2010, showing symptoms since 2006/07, she began to complain dizziness, trouble with her vision (blurred), and mood change, and her first big fall has happened in Christmas 2007 without reason. I apologize if I could not help you more! But the most important is you remain calm until you speak with your neurologist. Good luck! (And sorry my english is not good enough as well)


Tnx a lot!



I understand your worries but you really must wait until you see your neurologist and then hopefully you will get an accurate diagnosis.



My husband has PSP,was diagnosed in June after 4 long years of testing.He is 62.He does not have or had tremors,.He has the eye poblems,balance,coughing ,speech problems and his personality has changed a lot.He also had pain in his muscles all over his body at the start of his symptoms and he has cognitive slowness.Please wait until you see the neurologist and confirm things,It is very hard but try

Good luck.


Hi Kokolu,

I know you must be very worried but at this stage there are several conditions that could fit with your symptoms. PSP is generally found in people over the age of 50.

See what the neurologist says at the end of the month.

Good luck! We'll be thinking about you

love Kathy


Tnx a lot!!! Do you know anybody with PSP under age of 40's?


My understanding is that meds for Parkinson's either don't work for PSP or if they work it is only for a short time. They didn't work in my wife who was first diagnosed with Parkinson's, given PD meds, then later diagnosed with PSP.


From all I have read PSP does not start until at least age 60.


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