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For some reason unable to write a post, can only ask a question so here goes!!

Please will you sponsor me???

This year, to raise funds for the PSP association, I am abseiling off the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth! All sponsorship VERY gratefully received!!

Thanks, in anticipation!!


Kathy xxx


2 Replies

Dear Kathy, I do admire your efforts to raise funds for PSP, but I just cannot cope with being a sponsor at the moment. I have enough just to keep focused on what is going on with my Dad and just surviving. If I wish to give money to PSP I will do so at a later date and quite simply make a direct donation. So sorry to disappoint you. All good wishes and a Happy New year.


No problem at all Nader, I am not disappointed and am perfectly aware how difficult it is to be the child of a parent with this awful condition. I wish you and your Father all the best. Have you been in touch with the PSP association and spoken to the Specialist Care Advisor for your area? You may be able to get extra help/support in caring for your Dad.

Best wishes



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