My husband who as PSP as suddenly started having his jaw locking and he cannot open his mouth at all, the panic in his eyes is awful and wonder if anyone else experiences this. I did not know what to do but massaged each side of his jaw and under is chin and placed a warm cloth around his jaw and eventually after about fifteen minutes his jaw relaxed and he could open his mouth, this as happened twice today and it is very frightening. My husband is in the late stages of the illness, can no longer communicate at all, is doubly incontinent, can only walk with help but only very little, he is bent forward both his head and body most of the time and as difficulty swallowing and choking a lot of the time. I find it really hard to watch him deteriorate and each week something new seems to crop up and something else to find a solution to and deal with. Any suggestions would help me and also although I don't post much I have had lots of help from reading other posts.

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  • hi daperose well mate my jaw is a bit stiff at times bit it has not locked up on me yet i bought a cheap little massageri i think it came from hong kong i bought it in a cheap shop which i use now and again to free it up it has seemed to have worked so far if your husband uses an electric rasor this would help as well as it massages the face while doing its job to get the hair off when you massage just go from the corner of the eye down to the jaw around the chin and lips top and bottom then the other side of face from corner of eye to the jaw in a half circle do not go near the artery in the neck you are doing just fine mate keep it up i hope this helps a little \\ see yer peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • hi daperose i wish you and your husband all the best take care peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • Dear Daparose,

    I can't relate to what is happening to your husband with PSP ( as my husband has not had to deal with this aspect yet).

    However, I had an injury a few years ago that affected my jaw and was referred by my dentist to a sports physiotherapist who worked with the Aust Cricket team. He applied ultrasound that was quite warm that helped tremendously and I have a friend who has had similar treatment for a foot injury about six months ago.


    Alana - Western Australia

  • Thanks for your suggestions and I will try with the electric shaver, I usually wet shave my husband but I can give the electric one a try. Thanks also for the other replies you are all really helpful on this site and its great to know there is always someone who will try and help you especially when this illness always seems to be throwing up knew issues every day. Best wishes to all PSP sufferers, their families and carers.

  • Daparose - My mother suffered from the same affliction. Initially I thought maybe she was deciding not to eat as she could not communicate at all. We found that it was occurring more frequently. We used a syringe to get the essential medications mixed with yogurt between her cheek and her teeth on her strong side. Foods and beverages were the consistency of yogurt. It was very concerning and found myself trying to reassure her that we would do the best that we could. It was painstaking to feed her-sometimes taking 60 to 90 minutes for a small amount of sustenance. There were some days that were better than others. Get resourceful - find as much information as you can. Kathy

  • Dads has also locked, unfortunately on a toothbrush (broke his front tooth in half) and on a carers finger. Mum said it also locked at the dentist last week and he'd bitten down on their x ray bits! It seems to sort itself out once the messages eventually get through.

  • Thanks to everyone who answered my question, it is nice to know there are people on here that understand and have answers. Sugardart my husband is at the stage were I have to give medicine with a syringe and I do manage to still feed him softened food it nearly always takes almost an hour to eat a meal so I can relate to your Mum. I do try to find ways of dealing with each new thing that crops up but am really grateful for all suggestions. daughter Julie how awful for your Dad to break his tooth and then for his jaw to lock at the dentist hope he got his tooth fixed.

  • THANK YOU all for posting. When my 13 awoke yesterday her jaw was locked. 4 Doctors, X-ray's etc later. Her jaw is still completely locked closed. We have meet wonderful caring, kind professionals but at 13. She's scared in case she throws up, she forces her jaw opened and it cracks or locks opened permanently. 'Closed Locked' is the name and liquid diet for the next couple of weeks is the advice she received. Tonight after reading everyone's heartfelt practical words even though they were posted 4 years ago (??). I have spent the last hour putting alternate face cloths of warm water on her forehead and under her jaw. I messaged Vick under her jaw. She was so relaxed she slept. THANK YOU cus when she awoke, their was an improvement in jaw flexibility. I'm very grateful. I wish peace and blessings to everyone mentioned in the previous comments.

    Gratefully yours

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