Fasciculation and Muscle Wasting?

I have forearm weakness and psp. If I grab a gallon of milk it hurts my forearms. I can sense that I am losing my forearm strength. I used to be pretty strong. Does anyone else have this symptom? The pspaustrailian site list Fasciculations (small ripples or spasms visible under the skin) and Muscle Wasting (Limbs) as symptoms but many of the other websites do not list it. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Muscle Wasting?

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  • My husband! Geoff! has muscle wastage on right upper arm and nowhere else! Really weird illness x

  • My husband Richard has muscle wasting in arms and legs but is in the 7th year of disease. He had calf fasciculation for years before and neurologist noted it in diagnosis in 2009. Was previously diagnosed with a form of dementia until proper Psp symptoms showed themselves. All the Best. Short1

  • I have weakness in both legs , I was diagnosed with psp last year . was previously diagosed with parkinsons . I often wonder

    if it is Parkinsonsas, I dont have the ususal symptons that people have with their eyes..

    Is there any one out there that has psp for more than three

    years and is not having trouble with their eyes like me.


  • are you on any meds ?

  • Hi Shasha

    I am on Sinemet plus 2 tablets ,3 times a day,and I have a B12 injection every three months for pernicious annaemia.I am also on

    propranolol for migrain.which I have been on for ten years and I

    havnt had a migrain for years.



  • Hi Dordor I wish I could give you hope that you didn't have PSP. It took about 6 years of other symptoms and other diagnoses before the eye problems showed up with my Dad and finally PSP was diagnosed. I have read on sites and heard on seminars that it can often take about 4 years for the eye symptoms to appear, which can lead to PSP not being picked up on.

  • Hi Sharon637

    Thankyou for your reply , I was hoping I didnt have PSP but it is just as well to know .

  • I am still hoping for you Dordor, always will. My Dad's case could be an exception, it's such an odd disease affecting everyone so differently. I hope the meds keep working for a long time. Dad's Parkinson's medication (Madopar) kept him moving for a long time and have only ceased to do any good earlier this year. They didn't help much with balance, but certainly held the rigidity at bay to keep him mobile for many years. Long may it continue for you.

  • Mum had weakness in her knees sometimes and then lost the strength in one side of her neck suddenly after a trial on Rivastigmine to see if it would sharpen her cognition. (Bad move, I don't recommend it). After reaching end stage I noticed she never used her left arm again. Mainly the reason for all the variations is that it is a brain disease and creeps along in different ways, therefore affecting different areas in differing amounts and different speeds and times . Possibly this is also why different medications work or don't work on different people. It's quite likely that an expert would say that in the end everyone has all of the effects once they reach end stage.It's a bit like pouring a colour dye onto water-you would never get the same effects happen in an identical way but in the end the whole thing changes. Mum had the eye changes early on but the swallowing only became the main issue in end stage. She was lucky in that respect. She did have a fast moving version-roughly 6 years only and end stage was reached only 18 months from diagnosis. Mum was 77-maybe a factor. All the best, and enjoy what you have as long as you can , Dianne xx

  • Hi mcfly my right arm is getting weaker in forearm find it difficult to actually lift arm up diagnosed 2012

    All the best Keith246rk5

  • Fasciculations are thought to be commonly associated with ALS but I do see small twitches and ripples under the skin in the muscles in my forearms and legs. I wouldn't really care except those muscles seem to be getting weaker now. Diagnosed 2013 psp

  • Hi shasha

    I do find that Sememet stops the saliver in my mouth ,.and I feel very well in myself .

    Except I slurr my words and I cant walk with out aids.,I am reluctant to stop the Sememet

    In case I feel worse .

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