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Since we haven't been able to get to the gym for the last 6 weeks B seems to be forgetting how to use his muscles. He is "freezing" to the floor more and more as he walks; or his knees just buckle. But what is really difficult is he cannot remember how to get up off the floor and Is unable to move his limbs or torso without alot of coercing from me. I cannot simply pick him up especially when his hand is unmercifully clamped around the walker or a railing while the rest of him is in a totally different position.

So I ask, what exercises do we do to help our mates with muscle memory(?) not sure I used the term properly anyway...give me some good ideas...it's gonna be at least another week before I can drive.....



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  • I'm not sure this will be of any help but if you are in the uk I'd get the neuro team in ie physio they may have some useful tips

    Sorry I cannot be more help

    I'm sure others will give you some sound advice X

  • Yah insurance won't pay for any more PT OT or SP and neuro knows less than we, on this site do! Right now I escort him everywhere and just have noticed a longer freeze to everything he does holding on and not knowing how to let go ; not being able to take the next step......like ec said it's part of the evil called PSP.....ugh


  • Everything you describe is true for us. It's very hard to establish new muscle memory, although really constant repitition can get some small gains. The freezing gait I deal with by applying a gentle side to side pressure to cue weight shift and count one two one two for steps. That sometimes works. The gripping has become a constant ordeal. Rolling over to get up from a fall is really hard, as you say. The OT and the aides have been good about keeping my guy as mobile as possible, but there is no winning this battle, and every day he does less. Now, that was cheery, wasn't it! Sorry, Mrs. B. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon, ec

  • Oh cheery indeed EC, We have some phrases I'm sure I've spewed here before but it helps B a bit,,,or used to: "Hands to hip and you won't slip" as he holds his walker much too far out in front him; and "Heal to toe so you can go" quite elementary but it works....worked......we are using the walker more and more as a wheel chair lately...i wish I had someone to take him to the gym.... though I'm almost afraid to go there in his condition.....I made him walk from machine to machine....it wasn't far but he had to navigate them.

    In The last year when he fell, he would have to roll over and get on his knees. Now he just lays there looking at me like he is stuck....and it takes alot more prompting for him to figure out what to do! Sometimes I feel brand new to this disease, where is my denial cave I can run into....I don't want to lose what we have......But in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, "And so it goes"


  • I take my Aunt to a warm water pool where she can walk and relax its the kind of pool that I can push her wheelchair in till she can sta d she loves it.


  • Hey Kryste,

    I know! B used to love to swim, took him to the pool for seniors, did exercises..he could stand! but he doesn't want to go anymore.

    Well you keep working w your auntie ...it's good for the both of you!


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