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Does anyone have any knowledge or even experience of shower ramps? it is becoming more and more difficult to get my husband into the shower

As the step up to it is too high so before we have to consider major building works, I have been exploring other less expensive alternatives and saw shower ramps on line.

We would not be eligible for a grant for converting the bathroom as they are means tested and in any case, we are not too sure if our plumbing would be suitable to take a floor level entry shower tray.

Any information would be gratefully received!

Dorothy thompson

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We were in the same position , have a two inch step into the shower . The OT arranged for a wheelie commode which can be used for showering . She wanted us to have a new shower fitted but like you would not get the funding .

She assured me that it could be done but so far we haven't gone down that road and my husband manages with a top and tail . the top whilst seated and the tail in bed .

It's must less stressful for him and he isn't dirty or smelly in the first place .. In fact since doing so I have noticed an improvement in his skin ...

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We purchased a shower chair that goes into the tub, over the tub wall and out to the floor. We slid the chair so it was positioned out of the tub, got her into the chair and then pushed the chair into the tub. She was able to sit comfortably while being washed. I had a grab bar in the shower that she was able to grab so that she could stand and we were able to clean her peri area. When we were done we slid the chair back out of the tub and she was able to sit while we dried her off and dressed her. I was able to wash her by myself until the last month. It was really slick.


Do you have an O/T they organised with care and repair to fit a wet room which we paid 20% of the cost as i am on ESA this was after trying all other aids which failed we were lucky as we had a big walk in cupboard next to the down stairs loo which was converted into a wet room

i believe its possible to fit a walk in shower even upstairs as this was going to be a plan for me before we thought about the long term thus down stairs as i will eventually end up sleeping downstairs

we got some plumbers quotes and to fit one removing the bath was in the region of 5k


Try the falls clinic and social services.


Hi Dorothy,

As others have suggested I think your best bet would be to contact your local OT. Even if you can't get financial help they will be able to advise you on the equipment that is available and help you find a solution that works for you (for now!).



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