Has anyone ever heard of Slippery Sam bed sheets? Apparently they are used in NZ and Aus to enable the carer to move the patient around

the bed.

I know the received wisdom here is don't do it, get help but in real world of the carer that is neither helpful nor practical.

Can they or something similiar be bought in the UK

many thanks and take care


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  • I think they are generally referred to as slide sheets in the UK.

  • You can get these slide sheets from your ot i find them very helpfull but needs 2 people

  • Hi Riosenior

    Thank you

    dorothy thompson

  • hi dorothy we used an ordinary satin sheet but found myself out of bed sliding around most of the time i found myself getting out of bed before i had to because i had slipped down most of the way

    i did not like them personally but i was in my very very early stage then \\\\\ but i can still get out of bed at 2am or 3 am by lifting myself up on my elbow and pushing on my own at present so my wife carer and soul mate have no problem with slippery sam peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer [ but at some stage i suppose i will have t go back to it a bit chilly in the winter for you i would think mate !!!!!!

  • Dear Peter,

    Re - bottom satin sheet. John agrees with you. Disaster when it acts as a sheet. But have you tried a strip of satin material over the middle section of the bed only. John still finds it of comfortable when he moves around in the bed at night and uses it to aid getting up to get of bed. I made a couple as a tight sleeve that peels onto the mattress so it is held pretty secure in place. I cut a single sheet up to make it happen. N.B. Our daughter thought it wonderful too - for she received a satin pillowcase from the left over fabric. Mind you I am not sure if John liked the bright pink colour we selected!

    Regards, Alana - Western Australia

    N.B. I got the idea from The Parkinsons Association who sell a version with a satin strip sewn in . I found it quite pricey though, hence the reason for giving it a go and Kmart at the time were selling bright pink ones for only $7.00...

    N.B. If you think the info i;m giving is appropriate to any one else, please forward on.

  • Here in Canada they are calls slider sheets. They are able to move a lot of weight. We picked ours up at a home health supply store. Call around as prices vary.

  • Hi Twinplusone

    Thank you, I've just googled them!


  • I think you can achieve the same thing by having the patient wear silk or silk-like nightclothes. I have some silk-like nightgowns I use on my wife. They not only allow me to move her but they also make it much easier for her to turn over in bed. I think silk PJs for men would work as well or even a silk nightshirt for men. I would imagine the sheets you speak of are expensive and you'd need multiple sets. Just my thoughts.


  • They're also sometimes made of nylon and they used them in Mum's care home. Most things are available on line these days if you have an idea of what they are called.

  • They are called slide sheets and come in different sizes. You can either buy them or get them through Occupational Therapy. We have three!

  • Hi Dorothy,

    Your OT should be able to provide slide sheets for you. Ideally they are designed to be used with 2 people (1 on each side) though.

    There are also some American designed slide sheets that look much more like "normal" sheets and can be tucked in but, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of them!! I will do some research and see if I can track them down!

    Best wishes to you and your husband


  • Hi Dorothy,

    I have found the products I was thinking about - see the link below




  • Hi Dorothy

    Haven't been on the site lately as we have just moved home. I noticed your question , please ask for help before buying equipment as most of it you might only use a few times before needs change.

    Tony's OT ordered a Wendy Lett fitted sheet for his bed, it is slippery on the inside and plain at the edges so he doesn't slip off the bed, which he did with the silk pyjamas, they only supply one sheet because they cost nearly £100 to buy!! They do not last long as washing and drying frequently makes them tear and I would request another one when this happened.

    I think it is improtant for you to go through your OT as you would need training in the use of the slide sheets, I have used them on my own to help move Tony to a safe position when using the ELC lift to help him off the floor when he fell, I have worked in a hospital so had training, but was never trained how to use them with someone rigid likeTony, you have to be so careful or you would hurt yourself too.

    Hope you are well and can get the help that you need.

    Lorri xx

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