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Parkinsons, pure akinesia gate freezing or psp?

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease 5 years ago, mainly because I was slow in movement and my writing went very small.

I started sticking to the floor and falling about 2 years ago.

Last summer I was told I have pure akinesia gate freezing.

The freezing is really bad now and I hate going into crowded shops, I have to hold onto my husband for support, with a walking stick in the other hand

Has anyone else been told they have pure akinesia gate freezing.

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HI camper

i have PSP and am expereincing freezing and problems moving fwd

& falling over (fwds)

I have not been told i have "pure akinesia gait freeszing" but i have not asked- yet

\I shall ask my neuro when i see him next month if he can answer why i am fallign so much inside and out

:Like u i do not go into shops unless i am having a good day - i l cannnot deal wiht crowds either so the saler r out 4 me altho i do have a 4 wheel walkign frame which when i sue it outside people realise i ahve a probelm and open doors 4 me and tell me to take my tiem etc

it is embarraissing for others when i fall as they cannot wait to get me up again

but it is part of my life now

take care

and love jill



Hi Jill

Thanks for replying. This site is so good to know you are not alone.

You're very brave going out on your own. I just don't go out on my own anymore.I'm just wondering whether I now have PSP. What other symptons do you have besides sticking and falling over and what medication do you take. I take Madopar three times a day and amantadine twice daily. I expect to get an appointment through to see the specialist again soon. You take care.

love Camper


Hi, I am a caregiver for a 88 year old who has a disease called" Primary progressive freeze gate" . She is the only known case in NC. Her systems are very similar to yours. Her right side is numb She can no longer walk or right with her right hand. And her feet stick to the floor also when she trys to transfer from her wheel chair. She doesn' t know what her future holds for her. She has wanted for so long to find some one that has the disease. Now i can tell her i came across onine someone that has something similar


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