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Hospice Care

Hi Dorothy,

I live in the Ipswich area of Suffolk. Our local hospice is St. Elizabeths Hospice in Ipswich and that is where they cared for my sister and for me. Get your referral from your GP and you will be on their books (so as to speak) and can access the help you need. Hospices are not just for the dying they are more about living and enjoying what you can. Best of luck

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Hi Maeve

Thank you, I appreciate your comments. My first contact with them last year was not very positive, then I heard about the Homecare Team, so I am trying again.

Love Suffolk by the way, have enjoyed many holidays there and we're all there again in August. We're from London.



Hi Dorothy

I care for my hubby who has suffered from PSP for approx 4 years.We live in Solihull, West Midlands and are very fortunate to benefit from the local Marie Curie Hospice. Tony attends the Day Centre there once a week and there are also several support groups for people suffering life limiting illnesses and their Carers throughout each month. He is able to spend a week in respite care approx every 3 months and he loves going. It is such a happy place in spite of some patients being in the final stages of their lives and there are always friendly, smiling faces to be found. The first time he stayed for a week I found it really difficult to "switch off" but he has been 3 times now and the benefit for both of us is well worth it. Tony was referred to the Hospice by our Parkinson's Nurse and in spite of his initial reluctance to attend, it has now gone full-circle and he hates having to miss going. However, the staff always try to arrange for him to attend on an different day if a hospital appointment, etc. falls on his usual Day Centre day. I so look forward to the few hours he is there to having some "me" time. I forgot to mention also, that the Hospice provide transport for him. I consider we are very fortunate to have the benefits of Marie Curie Hospice and I would also remind people that Marie Curie Hospices throughout the country are not only for people who suffer from cancer, but for most life-limiting illnesses.

It has been said many times on this site that a lot depends on where you live what facilities are available. I would suggest that anyone who lives within reasonable access to a Hospice should approach either their GP or Parkinson's Nurse to see if a similar benefit is available in your area.

I am just so grateful for the support we receive from Marie Curie and it certainly helps to make my life a little easier from the 24/7 hands on care that all PSP Carers are used to.

Good luck everyone.

SuzieQ xxxx


Hi SuzieQ

I quite agree with you about how beneficial hospice care can be. My husband has just completed 12 weeks (one day a week) in our local hospice. The staff have been brilliant and have paved the way for the next stage of my husband's care.

Are you going to the Family and Friends day this Saturday? If so, it would be nice to meet you in person, having read many of your blogs, especially from my early days of blogging.

Best wishes

Peter3 (Mary Allen)


do hospices have the use of ceiling hoists . just husband is hoisted at all times .


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