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Another ADT formula ?


Hello all

I have been on ADT for 4 years - every 3 months. Up to last time it was Lupron. Last injection was end of Nov and I complained about side effects - especially fatigue, leg weakness and especially the hot flashes. They switched formula to TREISTAR (triplorelin). At first I found some relief but for the last six weeks I am finding the hot flashes are increasing in frequency - more than a few a day and several during the night - much more uncomfortable. It's like they come in waves.

I see the Dr on Feb 26 for next injection. Any thoughts or suggestion of other formulas with less side effects. I will definitely go back to Lupron if there are no other options.

My Dr (oncologist ) whom I respect and will stay with, said 6 months ago: " usually people on ADT - sooner or later - have a failure of effectiveness. You (me) seem to be one of those lucky ones for whom it is continuing to be effective - so lets stay with ADT. "

PSA >.003 first diagnosis of 5 - 7 years ( I had 340 PSA and mets, has been changed to: " we are not talking about survival rates - forget years - it may be decades and something else will get you. ( I am 72 1/2 - that would put me in my 90s ... really ? )


Best to all


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I am on Abiraterone and Degarelix (generic for Firmagon) I have so far had fewer side effects than when I was on Lupron years ago. However the hot flashes were horrible keeping me awake at night and making me dizzy during the day. I had found gabapentine to be effective against hot flashes in the past but prefer to minimize my pharmaceuticals.

My oncologist prescribed megestrol acetate. I have been taking this twice a day but have also been taking fairly high doses of high CBD cannabis oil at night so I don't know which is most effective against the hot flashes. As a test I stopped the megestrol for two days and hot flashes came back but not at all like when they were bad. So I started the megestrol again and plan to continue the cannabis.

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thanks for that info I will do a little reading on those things. I use cannabis and find it very beneficial. I will bring this info to my meeting with the Oncologist - considerations for alternative formulas

Best to you


An avenue I am pursuing is orchiectomy. According to Dr. Moses in his presentation on advanced prostate cancer treatments (, at around 11 minutes, says side effects seem to less compared to Lupron. And with an orchiectomy you never need another shot of anything to keep your testosterone levels low. And I'm all for few drugs, well except CBD oil which I heartily endorse.

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