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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men

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The best libido booster you can possibly have, even with zero erection.

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I'll be very brief. My posts here are redundant for many members who see me repeat myself about certain things. I keep doing similar posts to catch the attention of newbies, primarily.

Especially for an RP patient already in penile rehab, and who cannot expect erections anytime soon, consider getting an Elator. This allows for successful penetrative sex regardless of erectile status. Please consider the import of this amazing invention! And imagine having good, thrusting sex again, in the midst of PC treatment and recovery.

That's all.

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Besides Tri/Bimix.

Thanks, HD! I find your posts helpful. Appreciate your concern for us all.

Thx, JohnZi. You've always been a supportive voice. The Elator is something I think every man who undergoes RP should consider. To me, it's the action of successful penetration as the starting point that's exciting about this device.

My partner has moderate ED himself, and my Loop did not entirely prevent a small measure of ED for me.

If my Xialla ever gets here, I'll see how that works, but I see two Elators in our near future.

Best to you!

I can't wait for my Xialla to arrive too. I'm going to check out the Elator with your encouragement...all best to you and "that special someone."

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Waiting for Xialla too

Also waiting for the Xialla. Starting to think it's a scam.

I was updated by Nigel Shaw himself to expect shipment before the end of this month.

It's cool; I have my own device.

When I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, my Doctor did throughly explain my choices I had before or after removal of my Prostate.I learned through the Internet. I did not know any thing such as incontinence.

I see. Perhaps you might try out the Loop device, which you make yourself from my instructions. I'll send those out to your email address if you like.

I’d try the loop

Please send me the loop device instructions to Thank you

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