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Proton therapy


Has anyone done Proton therapy for the PC?

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I've known a few. What are your questions about it?

I am interested in finding out if anyone on here has has Proton therapy for their PC. What the out come was? I've researched the process so I'm familiar with that part of it.

Put "proton" and "prostate cancer" in the search bar

I had Proton Therapy for my prostate cancer at the University of Pennsylvania in late winter of 2018. I had 28 treatments. Prior to the treatments I had 2 months of Lupron therapy and I continued with that during and afterwards until September 2018.

The short answer is I am doing great! Once I stopped the Lupron, my energy level returned and I've beenable to resume an active lifestyle. I had little to none of the side effects many experience with sugery. My sexual libido/function is back to my pre-treatment levels. I have satisfying orgasms which produce cum, tho not the same volume as previously. My last PSA was .61. My testosterone value is 213. Prior to treatment my PSA was 14.42 and testosterone during Lupron was less than 20. My Gleason score was 7.

If Proton therapy is an option for you, I heartily recomend it, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Best wishes for the coming year.


Thank you fredmartin for sharing your experience. Very helpful. Happy to hear your doing so well. I was unaware of the Lupron use. I just googled it to familiarize my self with it. Looking into cyber knife also which is 5 treatments, radiation 9 weeks and or surgery. We are caregivers for my 103 year old mom so my biggest concern is the amount of time that's needed to complete these treatments. Proton and cyberknife are both over an hour away from our home in opposite directions. Have figure our what to do with my mom as I go through this process.

Have you checked the American Cancer Society website for services in your area? They often have volunteers who transport patients to their treatment. If that allows your partner to still care for your Mom while you are at your treatment, that might be of help. They also can arrange for housing if you needed to stay overnight.

Whatever program you decid on I wish you all the best with your outcome.

Thank you, fredmartin. Something I never gave any thought to. I will definately look into the American Cancer society. Appreciate your kind words.

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That's great. I went there years ago but was rejected due to allergy to UV radiation (EPP Porphyria) that killed my twin sister 36 years ago at 36). I was also rejected prior by other typical oncology radiologists.

My cousin had proton therapy and was initially very pleased with the outcome but within 2 years the cancer recurred and he had a robotic prostatectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering.. This is second hand information but it partially informed my decision to have surgery when I was diagnosed.

Thank you misterbarkley for your response. I'm looking into as many options so the doctors and I can make the best decision. I wish you continued good health.

Everyone has to decide for themselves. Its the kind of decision that you will need live with, do your research talk to at least 20 different men who have had it done. Decide whats best for you. The wait a full week if you feel like your being directed in a certain way follow your feelings listen to your heart. Let your soul be your final guide. You will then be at peace no matter what you decide. I looked at cyber and proton therapy. There are many risks that go with any of these treatments.

Make sure your doctor is giving your the best information for you age. When you have gotten your fill from at least 2 different docs go with what feels right. Also check out the web site there are hours of research and doctors on there. Also look up Dr. Vogelzang he is a well known Urologist and specialists who has written multiple books and medical text books for doctors. He was also helpful in getting some medications now on the market. Good luck with your decision!

Thank you Buffyzoe for kind advice and leads. At this point after doing a lot of research, taking to doctors and taking the advice of many men on this site which has be invaluable I have made plans to do Cyberknife. My husband and I are very confident and comfortable with my doctor. I will look up Dr. Vogelzane and look at the web site.

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