Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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69 years old, live in St Louis, MO, discovered cancer in October of 2016. PSA was 5.9 and gleason score was 6. I had radiation in January of 2017, stereotactic (5) treatments. Had very few side effects. I am feeling fine, PSA is slowly going down. Had my 9 month PSA and visit in October. Doctor informed me that many times after radiation a good percentage of men have rectal bleeding. Doctor inform me if I did have bleeding to let her know and she will order me suppositories. She informed me that this is relative minor issue. I waited until seven months before being a bottom and have been bottom about 6 times with no problems. However, now with this rectal issue I wonder if I should ever try to bottom again.

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Of course you should continue to bottom! The bleeding that sometimes happens is due to hemorrhoids or small inflamed veins breaking. Not a serious matter. If it feels painful (in a bad way), stop. But I know several guys who continue bottoming without any problem.


thanks for reply. once it finished treatment and bleeding stops, guess i will try again.


Well to bottom or not to bottom, that is the question! I had 30 radiations and after about 15 a beam of radiation perforated my colon and I had e-coli in my blood stream and was in the hospital for sepsis. I had I.V. antibiotics and continued my radiations (while in the hospital). This is not common. Recently I was anticoagulants for my heart and had rectal bleeding. but it was from me using a rectal suppository and I opened a hemorrhoid. So other than that bottoming is just as safe as it was before PCa. It does raise the PSA a little, so I would stay away from it for about a week before a PSA test. Life does go on!


Thanks so much makes me feel much better.


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