ED persisting 8 months post suprapubic prostatectomy

ED persisting 8 months post suprapubic prostatectomy

I'm 72, British and live in Germany in a long-term relationship. I recently had surgery to alleviate urine retention that occurred suddenly without warning due to a blockage in my extremely enlarged prostate - fortunately benign. My prostate was about 6 times larger than normal so the TURP method (through the penis) could not be used About 80% of the volume of the prostate was surgically removed leaving the outer shell of the prostate thus reducing the danger of damage to the nerve bundles responsible for erections. Tissue removed was shown to be cancer-free!

I now pee like a 25 year old and am continent. My partner and I enjoyed an active sex life prior to surgery with no ED problems. I typically awoke with regular morning wood. I now suffer from ED although I can still have an orgasm. I jelq and watch porn which is partially stimulating but not enough for penetrative sex. My partner who is about 20 years younger is remarkably understanding saying there are more important things than sex and you've enjoyed a long and active sex life and I should be happy that I'm healthy and have no problems peeing!

I've tried Viagra and Cialis without notable effect so now plan to try a pump.

I feel a bit embarrassed appearing on this forum as my ailments pale in significance compared with all of you prostate cancer survivors. However I am hoping to learn from your experiences with ED.

Photo shows the post-op scar held together with staples

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  • Axel,

    Welcome. You may not have had PCa--and thank goodness for that--but your surgery is remarkably similar to what many of us have had. In my case, it was not nerve-sparing, but many of them men here who have had their nerves spared have recovered erectile function after time. You may want to ask your doctor about continuing on a low dose viagra or cialis to assist in your recovery. I will keep my fingers crossed that your apparent good health, good attitude and awesome partner will lead you back to erectile health. And if not, I can assure you intimacy is not defined by a hard dick alone. You and your partner have lots to explore.

  • Thanks for your positive response, Yost in spite of the fact that you are a long term pc survivor. Yes, I won't give up on cialis or viagra yet. I also greatly appreciate the moral support I receive from my understanding partner.

  • I am 76 on Dutasteride. Last PSA was 4.1 Oral sex is good, but little or no semen. I'm afraid of viagra. Is this good?

  • I believe the side effects of Dutasteride can decrease libido, semen volume and cause erectile dysfunction. I also read that "men whose blood pressure isn't under control and those who take alpha-blockers (for high blood pressure or prostate problems) shouldn't take Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, or Viagra." Therefore it would probably be wise to consult your doctor before trying Viagra.

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