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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Au Secours! Help!Ayuda!

John , Age 56

Gleason 3+4=7- diagnosed this afternoon

5% of tumor

PSA 8.6

Great Health (my assimption I guess lol... today, I'm questioning this fact).

Doc told me that I'm actually closer to Gleason 6 ( don't know why he said that over the phone). I'm in NYC which makes it good and bad... too many options lol

In the new system, Im in group 2... yesss! (That's my favorite number)

My biggest question... have travel plans for the next 6 months... prepared so much for it. I'm almost decided to postpone the prostate crap till after I come back. Please correct me if I'm committing a suicide. You know doctors most likely will tell me... "oh no Mary... you have to take care of your prostate etc"... confusion in my head. Travelling throughout the world ... leaving in late July:-)

Advice pleeeeeeze

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Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join. My diagnosis was similar to yours. The biopsy urologist advised I should be ready to go with a treatment plan within 3 months. Whether that's anything arbitrary, I don't know. I was told by him and also the radiation oncologist that I ended up having treat me that active surveillance definitely was not a viable option. So I guess my answer is I don't know. I'm thinking most doctors would probably tend to be fairly objective in advising you after you explain about your plans, but I don't have anything to back that up. Since you're feeling physically well now, I wouldn't think you'd be likely to experience any physical challenges with these plans due to the cancer. Interestingly, my urologist refused to give biopsy results over the phone and instead made me wait almost a month for a scheduled appointment to tell me I had cancer. That may mean that he was giving me a 4 month window to be ready to go with treatment. I was absolutely furious with how totally clinical that very brief appointment felt. Again, welcome. I wish you all the best.


Hi John,

I was diagnosed last year April of 2016 with a similiar diagonis as yours. Active surveillance was not an option however my Dr. Advised me to have a good summer and plan on surgery in the Fall ( my decision was Surgey)... I did exactly that, had a great summer ( The surgery was in the back of my mind however I used that to appreciate life before surgery even more) . In mid October I had surgery. I know I was very lucky, I was in continent for about 48 hours, I can get an erection with ED meds, I have had my 3 and 6 month follow ups and PSA is undetectable... Theses are personal decision and you will have to decide what's best for you but wanted to share mine. Im in CT and believe I had the best DR on the east Coast...


Hi John,

Wow... what a dilemma. If the trip can be pushed back... you may want to consider getting this behind you.

My story: I was diagnosed just before Christmas (PSA 4.6, 3+3 in 2/12 samples. One was 40% involved the other 20%). On 3-8-17 Dr. Lee at the University of Pennsylvania robotically removed my prostate (left the hospital 20 hours after surgery taking Tylenol for pain). I'm fortunate that today, 3 months later, I'm fine---wearing regular underwear and get erections on demand.

On the pathology report my Gleason score was increased to 3+4... and it indicated 10-25% of my prostate was involved...and that a single cell was found outside the "inked" area (long story). Basically... i hadn't waited a moment too soon. In fact, my future PSA tests will never be routine as that single cell will haunt me. I did send my prostate to a genome service that indicated I had a 4.4% chance of reoccurrence in 10 years.

So... my advice-get it done... then enjoy the trip of a lifetime!!!


Just go for it!!!!! Unfortunately whether you like it or not your life is dramatically changing. You have control now but not so much later. Have an awesome summer.


Starting some gene testing etc at Sloan Kettering ... I'll do what they say I guess... after my trip lol

Thanks for advice :-)


Take a vacation......don't worry.

I am 75, diagnosed GL 6 and 7 in 7 of 12 cores, both lobes; BUT % in each core was 10% or less. I opted to delay treatment for 6 months and my PSA of 8 never went up and I remained in excellent health. Since I had an average prostate volume, my urologist ( with 2nd opinion) suggested a short ADT + Brachy + 25 sessions of low dose radiation. ADT is now expired, brachy done in March, and now done with my external. My libido suffered some, hot flashes are occasional and NO urinary or bowel problems. Radiologist said my prostate will continue to shrink some, but he also said my gonads will return to almost normal. I am thankful to have a urologist and radiologist team I can turn to discuss sexual issues right from the start. I recommend Brachy + EBRT if its offered. Also be firm about how long to be on ADT. Current research ( 2016/2017 shows 4 months is fine and with less side effects and better sexual recovery than 6 months or 12 months as suggested by NCCN ( National Cancer Network).


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