Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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LGBT Cancer Survivors in the USA

Researchers at the University of Miami are conducting an anonymous survey to better understand the needs of LGBT cancer survivors! Please go to the LGBT Cancer Survivor’s Project webpage: to complete the survey.

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Really poor survey .. lack of range of options in tick type answers. For Example: I came out late and have children, but no option for children when asking about who provides support.

There were number of other examples that implied assumptions about the life of gay men .

As I felt the survey was not relevant to my needs and would produce no useful results. I therefore abandoned it part way through.

Admittedly, I'm British and in the Uk and I assume the survey wasnt intended to include none United States residents. However my criticism does not relate to national differences, but to fundamental flaws in the design of the survey


I am posting the following on behalf of the study:

As the Principal Investigators of this study, we thank you for your feedback. Of note, we used validated instruments in our survey to make sure we were collecting quality data. Additionally, we held community forums with LGBT cancer survivors to review and contribute to our survey development. The survey you took represents the final product developed collaboratively with feedback from LGBT cancer survivors. We understand, however, that the survey cannot perfectly meet the needs of each survivor. Of note, for many questions, such as the sources of social support question you referenced, we include an "other" option, so participants may fill in sources not found in the list. As we move forward trying to optimize care for the LGBT community, feedback about personal experiences across countries, gender, etc, like that provided, is crucial to improving the understanding of the medical community and we thank you for your comments.

Kind regards,

Julia Seay, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Division of Population Health and Computational Medicine

Department of Medicine

University of Miami


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