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Hi guys it's 10 months since robotic prostate removal everything has been going well till now, I have suffered a double inguinal hernia, I consider myself very fit and healthy having run and exercised regularly for over 40 years, I am now 70 can anybody throw any light on this? is it a result of the op or just old age.

All the best guys.

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Bilateral belly button incisional hernia here, eight months after RP. Navel incision on robotic surgery is the widest as it is through this that prostate is taken out.

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Thanks, justfor. Yes, it seems to be something that is familiar after prostate surgery.

It happens sometimes after surgery.




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Thanks for the info, Tall Allan.

Difficult to say but could be the op I had a hernia c 10 months afterwards at age of 56. Got the hernia sorted and do so far so good 🤞

2022/5/20 Welcome to the club! I had a left side inguinal hernia 12 years before my prostate diag in June 2019. After RP and salvage rad in 2019 I started on ADT Jan 2020. About June began to notice a right side hernia, not critical at that time. Had that repaired Nov. 2020, all better now,---except still on ADT which is keeping PSA to .01 Have heard that hernia not that unusual after RP.

My two bits: the robotic surgery was no where near your inguinal canals. Many, including me, get incisional hernias after the surgery. Some get umbilical if the port was near the belly button. Bilateral inguinal hernias are from your aging and from the loss of strength of your connective tissues. As we age, our connective tissues also age and do not hold us together quite as well.

I had an incisional hernia that was identified several months after surgery. My urologist told me that the prostate was bigger than the incision, so when they pulled out the prostate, it weakened the muscles. I had it fixed a year after surgery, and it was no big deal. I will say it brought new meaning to the Little Jack Horner nursery rhyme -- he stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum.

Great, many thanks michael.

Do you have any issues with constipation? That's what did it for me. That was years before a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Hi, WSOPeddie, no issues with constipation at all, to be honest, I think it was down to overstretching.All the best mate.

Repairs come back to haunt you forever.............

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 05/24/2022 9:41 PM DST

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Thanks, j-o-h-n isn't growing old GREAT!

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