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It’s funny, but I’m not kidding…

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Before my biopsy, my ejaculate was normal for that of a man my age (65). Since I recovered from the symptoms of the biopsy, I’ve been ejaculating like a porn star. My wife looked at me after sex one day and said “dude, what did they do to you? “. Additionally, I had a six month MRI ahead of my SBRT which is scheduled for November, just to see if there was any change in the tumor. Luckily there was not, but in addition the inflammation that appeared on the first MRI, likely as result of my prostatitis, was mostly gone. I can confirm that I’ve been almost entirely symptom-free since the biopsy. I asked a resident in the RO’s office if he had heard of anything like this, he chuckled and said no.

So my question here is, am I the only one that has had this experience? Has the universe slipped me a “fountain of youth“ mickey?? A friend of mine said maybe it’s like acupuncture. I’m not writing this just to be funny, although it is funny, and I’m certainly not complaining. This has been great. I’m just really curious if I’m an anomaly.

As Don Corleone said “Why do I deserve this honor?”

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I’d like whatever you’re having.

Saw Palmetto?😊

“You come to me on the day of my daughters wedding ,to ask me this?”” Well Don Juan ,good for you . I’m 60 and no sexo in 5 yrs man . Consider yourself a lucky son of a gun . Bravo . Keep up the good work . Finally a good story .

Wilson Pickett might Knock on Wood or, in your case, Woody.

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