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Wow! Ejaculation again!

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Dry orgasms, but not this morning!! After about a 2 hour session, best orgasm since pre-treatment and was surprised to have a good amount of nut butter come out. Kind of scared me to be truthful!

Almost exactly 2 years since HDR Brachy, better than 1.5 years of EBRT, and about 9 months off the 18 month Eligard protocol.

Testosterone slowly creeping back up, although still quite low. Libido also slowly coming back. Never had any issues with getting erections, just the lack of libido previously. PSA undetectable as of last month. Just turned 49 last month.

I hope this information can help anyone searching the forum for any related information.


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How long ago did u start your vacation from ADT?

Did u have any lymph node or bone Mets

I’m getting ready to start my vacation soon

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jkm100 in reply to Longterm101

Finished 18 months of ADT October 25, 2020. No mets were detected.

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Longterm101 in reply to jkm100

So your about 9 months in…..

How often do u ck psa

Yes. Was doing every 3 months, but changing to 6 months now.

Wow! I'm so happy for you, I know what it feels like not to have that ejaculation anymore and it's very different. Mine won't come back because I was treated with surgery.

Come again.....

Very happy for you.

I miss erections and ejaculations, but dry orgasms with a flaccid penis (using a Viberect) are surprisingly satisfying. I hate to think how angry and grief-stricken I'd be without the V.

I had a Prostatectomy in December but I'm also surprised to have a tiny bit of pre-cum before climax and even during. There's also been a few times when there was some ejaculate but I'm pretty sure it's just a little urine leak, can't be anything else.

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Pierre71 in reply to EaNa

Yes indeed, there is no more other liquid that can come out with the removal of the glands lol. I too had a prostatectomy and I have this pre-cum (clear viscous liquid) that comes out before orgasm and sometimes a little during when the orgasm is strong but it's only a few drops. I had spoken to my urologist and he told me that the cowper's gland was not removed.

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EaNa in reply to Pierre71

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not so it's good to hear from someone else that's had the same experience.

You said "1.5 years of EBRT". Did you mean 1.5 years since EBRT? I'm curious because I had 20, 300gy sessions of EBRT to the prostate in January and I'm wondering if there is the possibility of ejaculate in my future.

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jkm100 in reply to Burk

Yes, since!

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Burk in reply to jkm100

Wow! That's exciting! I'm happy for you!

My goodness! That is the kind of surprise I yearn for, and I do notice pre-cum emerging here and there. I am jealous...but not in a begrudging way. Be happy!

Great news!Thanks,


Were you doing anything trwatment or medication wise to coax back ejaculation, or was it just time?

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jkm100 in reply to StLouisGuy

No. During adt I was taking Cialis 3-4 times a week before bed, which I found helped against a totally limp dick. To be more specific, without any libido it just felt like nothing down there. When I took the time to work it I had no problem getting hard. But that was tough without the desire. The Cialis gave me a semi during the night and lead to a more of a ‘complete’ feeling during the day. To add to my original post, I did find in the next few days that my testicles were somewhat swollen and tender. Especially the right one oddly. I’m assuming this was due to the duration of boner before orgasm. All previous dry ones were fairly quick, 20 mins or so. This one I took quite some time, had interruptions, etc., and really pushed it at the end. Next day I really noticed the swelling and tenderness. Blue balls??

Went through another long session a few days ago and almost couldn’t walk a few hours later,lol! So, quick dry session yesterday and no problems!

Balls are still much bigger then adt days, but I’m thinking I’m a 14 year old horny boy with blue balls!!!!

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