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My Journey

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I'm 74 years old, new to HU and a relative newcomer to the club. This site has provided me with a wealth of information that is invaluable in making treatment decisions .

I was diagnosed in October 2019 (PSA 4.3, up from 3.0 the previous year), MRI and biopsy confirming the diagnosis. RP in December 2019 and a biochemical recurrence in January of 2021 (PSA .6, up from <.02 in March 2020) . PSMA scan at UCLA in March that showed PCa on one lymph node. Lupron started in April. My PSA dropped to .26 (t=7)after two months on Lupron and I start IMRT/SRT later this month.

Thanks to y'all for sharing your stories. I look forward to being an active member of the community and sharing my journey.



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Good luck on your journey. Keep us posted.

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Lasered in reply to rosenjpj

Thanks, will do!

I assume your SRT is whole pelvic. Top ROs know that the treatment area has been expanded. Who is your RO?

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Lasered in reply to Tall_Allen

Yes, it is whole pelvic. RO is Courtney Sheinbein in Round Rock, TX.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Lasered

Maybe email him that article to make sure he knows about the changes.

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Lasered in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks, I sent him the report!


Please keep us posted.


You're welcome.

Keep us updated, good luck.

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Lasered in reply to Magnus1964


good luck ...prayers

Welcome to the CLUB no one wants to join.

Nice to see you in our Club 🙂. Surely you will benefit immensely with the invaluable knowledge, information, sharing of real life experiences, guidance and the utmost support available in the HU resource pool ! I am also 74 Dx in 2015, GS9 guy enjoying stable remission up to now since taking immediate action with a most aggressive treatment protocol - RP + IMRT + ADT ( 2 years ). Depending on the pathology of your case though you have experienced a recurrence, I believe you have a lot of treatment options that will ensure long life for you. There are many veteran mentors in our group. Learn as much as possible, listen and be your own advocate. Be happy and upbeat. Maintain a positive attitude always.I wish you all the best in your treatment plans !

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Lasered in reply to Sisira

Thank you!

Welcome Lasered! Good luck on imrt/srt...

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