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Post SBRT planning

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I'll be getting SBRT for my intermediate PCa next week. Of course plan A is I will be cured of PCa! But want to get plan B together in case of need several years from now.

I will be retiring in a year or so and moving. Thus likely would not have the same insurance, medical system, or RO. If I have a recurrence in 3-10 years, would I need to have the imaging and documentation of what was done to me?

ie: Plan B might involve getting a PSMA-PET scan then SBRT to any local spot of PCa. I am wondering if that RO would want to see the record of previous treatment (?). Is this something my current RO should be able to give to me on CD or thumb drive? Would he?

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Try to stay in the present moment. Several years from now there will be all kinds of new therapies. Worrying yourself with future fantasies is not good for your health.

Plan B should be enjoying your life and testosterone NOW to the fullest and to hell with the future. Get in the best shape of your life and ENJOY. If it goes all to hell in a few years you’ll remember these days as very productive and be in the best shape going forward.

Never hurts to have documentation, but it is primarily for your own peace of mind tracking the voyage if that’s what you are inclined todo. My experience is that docs treat the condition that is in front of them at the moment and follow up recommendations are based on the results. Be your own advocate. Good luck!

The doc offices will retrieve records when the time comes. Enjoy not thinking about it! I'm in a new state now and am going through that process.

They can share records.

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