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Post Surgical Pathology


Just got my post radical prostatectomy pathology report and was looking for information on the following items from the report

Perineural Invasion-present, location of positive Margin-Left apical, pattern 3,

Extraprostatic Extension: present, focal, right posterolateral


AJCC TNM Stage: pT3aN0

Surgeon indicated that while it was an aggressive type they believe they got all of it but will need to keep close watch on PSA going forward........just was looking for any advice, comments. So much info to digest

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The PNI and PIN are not important, but the EPE and the positive margin are. Fortunately, it is pattern 3 at the positive margin (which may never metastasize), and the EPE is focal (indicating that there is minimal chance it penetrated into surrounding tissues.

Nothing to do now but monitor PSA with an ultrasensitive PSA test beginning in 3 months.

You can begin penile rehab as soon as the catheter is out.

Circle14 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank You!! Doc had explained a lot but I should have written the info down as he was reviewing while I was there.

First PSA 5-6 weeks after RP. The other important piece of information included in your pathology report is your Gleason Score. It is now definitive, in contrast to the sample dependant nature of the biopsy's one.

Circle14 in reply to Justfor_

Thank you, it was confirmed 7 (3+4). First post op PSA scheduled for early June

Murk in reply to Circle14

All good news :-)

JRPnSD in reply to Circle14

The N0 is the best cancer cells detected in the lymph nodes analyzed. Congrats!

Greetings Circle14

Please tell us your bio. Age? Location? When diagnosed? Treatment(s)? Treatment center(s)? Scores Psa/Gleason? Medications? Doctor's name(s)?

All info is voluntary, but it helps us help you and helps us too. When you respond, copy and paste it in your home page for your use and for other members’ reference.


Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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