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ADT + SBRT + IMRT treatment for Unfavorable Intermediate Risk PCa



This is a follow up to a previous threat I started regarding my path to treatment. I followed your prompt to talk to Dr. Gottschalk at UCSF, and I’m glad I did. Our conversation did change things. He recommends SBRT/IMRT & 4 months ADT! He will do SBRT, and IMRT will be done by Dr. Valicenti @ UC Davis (closer to where I live). He also felt a shorter course of ADT was in order in my case. He does want to wait for the results from my PSMA-PET test, still on for 5/7, and my Decipher results on 5/12.

He doesn’t think either test result will alter his recommended treatment, but he is open to waiting. Needless to say I feel confident my choice of treatment.

Anyone else can check my bio for details on my recent biopsy. I will be posting updates as treatment goes forward.

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Basically very similar treatment to what I had for my own Unfavorable Intermediate Risk 2 years ago, although I had 6 months ADT ( Firmagon ) . All went well, and wishing all the best for you as well, judg69

jimalong51 in reply to judg69

Thanks, judg69. I’m hopeful for similar results.

I know that Gottschalk does an SBRT boost therapy (IMRT to a wider area with an SBRT boost to the prostate). Others do an SBRT monotherapy. I doubt that there is much difference if the dose is sufficient. I guess the PET scan can rule out treatment if occult metastases are found, although that is unlikely. I don't see what difference Decipher can possibly make - perhaps longer ADT if it is high risk. I'm glad you found someone to do it locally.

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