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PSA Levels almost 6 years after HDR

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on this forum for a while, but thought I would pop in to share my husband's PSA chart for those of you who may be going through some bounces. It has been a super bouncy number of years, but as you can see from the graph below, his PSA is down to 0.29. While he was bouncing I read every post I could find about bounces as a means of giving myself some hope. I sure hope this post does that for someone else.



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Hi Mary! Great to see that John is below the "magic" 0.5 point. This is a perfect illustration of how good, albeit nerve-wracking, slow and bouncy can be.

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pjro in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you, Allen!! I truly feel grateful for his outcome and for your support and friendship over the years. You're the best. I hope you are well! John just got back from having his first covid vaccine this morning, and mine is tomorrow. I hope you can get your vaccine soon (if you haven't already). Much, much warmth, Mary

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I've had both vaccines. A little arm soreness the next day was my only side effect. They are letting me go on doctor visits with patients now, and hopefully live support groups soon. I know you both must look forward to getting back into the classroom.

Nice outcome, thanks for posting these very encouraging results. Hopefully the downward trend continues. I assume you had HDR-BT-mono with Dr Demanus?

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Hi There, he did have HDR-BT-mono at UCLA, but it was with Dr. Kamrava (who, I believe, is still in LA but with a different hospital). UCLA was great.

Right now I am 77 and my PSA is 7. Funny, my lucky number was always 7. Am off for HDBT-mono next month in Kelowna, BC, Canada so a welcome post. This is most reassuring. Thank you Mary for sharing.

Thanks for your PSA graph!

I had the Brachy boost procedure in Vancouver at BCCA with 84 seeds being implanted on Feb 1 2018.

My PSA has bounced beyond the threshold of 2 from nadir (failure!??) but is now at 0.66. It was as low as 0.61 three months ago.

I'm not a big man (I shop in boys wear ) and I'm wondering if blood concentration is a factor in the PSA readings.

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