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Want to learn about lupron and casodex

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I have been doing watchful waiting for 15 years. My Urologist did a TURP operation and the pathology said gleason 3/5. My Doc wants me to do Casodex to start. I have read that any kind of T deprivation can cause weight gain, man boobs, lethargy and heart problems. I have always been a skinny hyper active guy and sitting around with no energy sounds terrible to me. I would like to hear from people who have used either casodex or lupron, Also, any advice on alternatives to either of these drugs.

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You can take 10 mg/day tamoxifen to prevent man boobs.

You may want to fill this out:


I have been on Casodex/30 days and Lupron Depot 22.5mg/12 weeks X 2. I was on VMAT hypofractionnated 3 Gy/20 Fx for a total of 60 Gy.

I have been on ADT since 16 weeks and I had hot flashes a few times brief. No boob and I even lost over 15 pounds. Now I am 73ny.o., 6feet 3 inches and 151 pounds.

I am weak but it is mostly du to my MarginalZone Lymphoma.

So what you heard is from rare peoples who got the worse secondary effects.

Hi , I have been on Casodex 50 mg per day , 4 weeks prior to my first injection of Lupron Depot 11,25 mg , so during this first half , 4 weeks plus Three months ( plus RT , 38 sessions ) , Nothing unpleasant happened , then I had my second Lupron 11,25 end of July , I noticed some hot flashes that did not happen at first , my skin is smooth , my body has lost some hair , smooth too , but no boobs . I can tell you , if you are fit , you will easily bear that ordeal . Take care

Yeah: continued AS. Depends a lot on your general health and your age of course.

I am new to this forum. I do not know what all these abreviations mean. RT, ADT, AS, RP, EBRT. Where can I look these up so I will understand what is being said? I am older than dirt, age 88. Fairly good health. What might I expect from casodex???

there is a table of the "alphabet soup" that appears (at least on my monitor) on the right hand of the screen. Very helpful. Just below the Contact the Administrator area


I have used both. There are side effects (SEs) that vary from one to the next. I had very bad SEs, but I know that the treatment was needed in my case to help manage the disease.

Skinny guys don't get 'fat' overnight. A good exercise routine overcomes that aspect of PCa / ADT treatment for MOST men.

NO man boobs happened to me - that stat is overstated and not typical for most of us.

LONG term use of ADT can have permanent, lingering SEs - typically greater than 2 continuous years - but that is not cast in stone. There are other factors to consider such as age, your overall health at the outset and the staging / scans / tests that lead to a longer term prognosis.

You haven't really offered up enough critical diagnostic information to allow the more seasoned forum participants to offer much more than vague generalities (that does NOT include myself).

Wishing you the best on your journey .....

I did Casodex and Lupron for 6 months. I did not gain any weight. I worked out at the gym with a trainer once a week and went three times on my own to minimize any muscle loss. I had a few "warm spells", but nothing horrible. No man boobs. A bit emotional during the treatment. I think that was the roughest part. I did take my wife's OTC menopausal medication that had Black Cohosh, etc. Overall tolerated it fairly well.

I have been on Lupron on and off every six months for two years. Definite hot flashes and tiredness. A daily 20-45 minute nap is very common but gets me back in the saddle again. Made an effort to lose weight this year and have lost between 15-20 lbs. No other symptoms until leg cramps began in the last 9 months. Don't know if that's from the Lupron or not. No other symptoms that are evident. Good luck with your decision.

Are the leg cramps at night??? I used to have them BAD. Terrible pain. I found that if I am religious about taking magnesium at dinner and bedtime PLUS 99 mg of Potasium at dinner, I have NO leg cramps. That is a very inexpensive way to eliminate horrible pain. Good luck.

Thank you, brother. I’ll start that regimen today.

Hi Fightingsnook.

Wanted to update you. Haven't had a leg cramp since starting your protocol. Can't thank you enough!

PS What the heck is a fighting snook? :)

Being one of the latter, I have read that its a cake walk for some and a nightmare for others!! I started on Casidex and Eligard (Lupron’s equal) and within weeks, the side effects ensued!!! Stay active and fit and eat healthily!! There are meds to deal with some of the s/e’s but some you’ll just have to deal with! Question anything thats weird.... because the experts here will tell you what is happening.... unfortunately, N O T the Dr’s even though they know the possibilities!!!


There's a course that should tell you what you need to know about side effects, and how to deal with them:


It's been approved by the Canadian Urological Association and other groups. Bias -- I know one of the developers.

. charles

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