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Progress update - one month after surgery


So my surgery was 5 weeks ago and I started back to work this past Monday.

The surgery report was all pretty good, getting my first PSA soon.

Mentally I’m more relaxed, less stress and (I think) less depressed than I have been in several years.

Physically I seem to have recovered pretty well, surgery wise.

Side effect wise I can get reasonably hard (with a viagra) and have an orgasm but haven’t done much of it yet - just once.

I can wear the same pee pad pretty much all day and it’s not very wet by bed time. But I don’t trust not wearing one. When I sneeze, cough (especially while walking, and I’ve had a dry cough for 45 years) I squirt a little pee. And I don’t want to do that - especially at work!

The most common thing to make me squirt a little pee is something y’all probably take for granted - getting up from a chair or couch. As a double leg amputee physical movement like that requires so much effort you’d probably never believe it. (I’m not trying to complain or whine, really!)

I guess squirting a bit of pee randomly during the day isn’t such a big problem, all things considered.

And yes, I realize this may continue to improve over time.

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Sounds like you have this. keep up the good fight.

Yes it may, and probably will continue to improve--five weeks is early on, and I would say compared to many people you're ahead of the game on both continence and erectile ability. Continued good luck! (and work on those kegels, it'll help)

That’s pretty good news. Things can only get better from here on.

You are doing GREAT!

It's only urine.

I am 15 months out and still making progress. Still have a box of shields in the closet but do not use them. I got used to damp briefs, spurts just like yours. This morning I had an actual spontaneous erection. It lasted maybe 30 seconds but it was real.

So keep moving forward. Best to you.

JasonPgh in reply to dadzone43

Despite the ceo at work having had prostate cancer (so I was told, I’ve never talked with the ceo about it) I work in an obscure corner of a fancy law firm and to walk into a meeting with a client to fix broken technology with a visible wet spot would not look good.

And hey it’s still one month out, maybe this will continue to improve.

dadzone43 in reply to JasonPgh

It will. Keep up with the shields: they serve a good purpose

I love spontaneity. Nice going even if brief!

You are doing well! Thanks for sharing your story.

Sounds good that you can get hard 5 weeks postop! You can always wear a pad for the "squirts."

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