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High PSA for 20 years

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I have had high PSA for 20 years. Started at 2, now is 42. In the first few years I had 6 biopsies, with no indication of cancer. the urologist said I was probably one of those guys with high PSA that has nothing to do with cancer. 2 years ago he suggested I get an MRI, which was negative. But then my PSA doubled from 20 to 42. I had another MRI this October and a biopsy 2 weeks ago. This time the doctor said I have "aggressive" cancer, Gleason 9. I now am starting the adventure of consulting with several doctors, although here in New York City many of them make more money by not taking Medicare. I would appreciate comments and advice about proceeding from here.

4 Replies
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Did you have a bone scan/CT? The best results for high risk patients are with brachy boost therapy. You should talk to Michael Zelefsky at MSK.

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You might want to get a second opinion on your biopsy. Johns Hopkins has quite a specialty in them. Ask your doctor to have the lab send the slides there. They accept Medicare & I had the results in about a week. Best wishes to you.

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Good morning

I understand that PSA tests are indecators that often give false positives, thus the second blood test and if found high still, further testing is warranted!! I also understand that spikes are more concerning than elevated numbers!! So (as a layman speaking) your 20 to 42 equates to my 9 from ??. So you might be joining our club.

Second opinion is a no brainer and unlike my experiance, due to niavetivity I stayed in my doctors network. Not sure I received an unbiased opinion. After 18 months I dumped my doctor due to lack of confidence while overprescribing my treatment (Eligard). While interviewing with my new Dr yesterday, I couldn’t help but to pick up on his comment that “he sure sells alot of it” (refering to Eligard)!!!

Best of luck


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I agree with Tall_Allen. Now that your biopsy has confirmed you have Gleason 9 cancer you can't screw around. You need to determine whether it is outside the prostate capsule or metastasized. You can get a second opinion on the biopsy, but it probably wouldn't be much different since 8 or 10 is still a concern, I certainly wouldn't wait for the results.

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