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Psa after surgery at 3 months and 6 months

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Does this mean radiation? 3 m psa .04 6 m psa .05. Doctor says could be something left in the prostate bed. Gleason 9. No positive margins , clear seminal vessels, no positive lymph nodes, all contained in the capsule. Nothing on bone scan or ct scan. Should my psa be .001 or none detectable? Don’t understand if everything was clear after surgery why psa is not lower. Thank you for your replies

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Unfortunately, cancer cells may escape even when there are no negative margins, no EPE and no SVI. All it takes is one getting out.

0.04 to 0.05 is still quite slow and may be random error. In one analysis, they found that it is the pattern of PSA rises that predicts recurrence. The researchers found that two conditions had to be met:

(1) PSA had to be ≥ 0.03 AND

(2) The PSA rise had to be unstable: either consistently sustained over three measurements or the PSA velocity had to be ≥ 0.05 ng/ml/year

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