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I'm new to this forum. I had a one-point increase (2-3) in my PSA over 12 months which sent me to a urologist that had me do a 3d biopsy that showed I had cancer. My Gleason scores averaged about 8. I had a Prostatectomy two months later in Jan. '18. Radiation (40 treatments ) and Lupron shots followed due to a few cells found in one seminal vesicle. As of now, I only have to take a shot every 6 months for two years. My physical recovery has been excellent except for hot flashes and 3 stiff fingers on my right hand, as well as, a stiff thumb (Trigger Finger) on my right hand. I have an index finger on my left hand that is slightly stiff as well. It seems the hand that gets the most use has the most issues with Trigger Finger. What's interesting is that I can play competitive tennis at the 4.0-4.5 level and my symptoms improve dramatically.

However, all the stiffness returns afterward. I've had steroid shots in my right hand on two occasions 6 weeks apart (VERY PAINFUL) and the symptoms abated only for a week. What I've learned about this issue with the hands is that it is from the Lupron regardless of what my Dr. thinks. I also understand that this stiffness will go away after I stop using the Lupron. By the way, I take Paroxetine (20mg) for the hot flashes. It's cheap & works great. Now I only get a little warm on occasion instead of dripping sweat. Sorry to be wordy. My Best to All !

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I don't know why your doctor would argue about it--joint and muscle pain are listed right there as a potential side effect. I had no idea paroxetine was used for hot flashes--live and learn!


I agree totaly w the hand problems ....i had some arthritis b4....40 yrs construction...but now it is making work near impossible....and i know its that devil lupron...

Hi, I also contracted trigger thumb, amongst other side effects, whilst on Zoladex (ADT). I was on it for 6 months during salvage radiation treatment early 2016. My trigger thumb completely cleared up about a year after stopping the Zoladex. So I hope the same happens for you.

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Thanks for the info. I'm anxiously looking forward to it.

I personally agree that Lupron is the Cause of it .My legs and shoulders have never hurt so bad as when I started the injections .

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