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New, slow return of rising Psa


Hi fellows

I am new here. Radical prostatectomy 2011 after sample analysis, Psa 7,5 and cancer in 4 out of 12 samples, gleason 3+4. Slow return of raising Psa, 0,22 in 2013. 32 radiation visit that year at prostate gland. Again slow PSA rising with result of reaching Psa 4,4 november 2016 with doubling time app. 5 months. Weak sign of metastatic lymphatic tumor at gland and two places near to spine. Started Bicalutamide 150mg nov 2016 and Psa dropped to less than 0,01 in app. six monts. Now sign of increasing again to 0,02 and next test scheduled late jan 2019.

Anyone there who can share experience of similiar story.

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You should be seeing a medical oncologist. He will probably take you off bicalutamide and put you on something like Lupron instead. He will also start you on either Zytiga or docetaxel.

innon in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks for reply. My oncologist response is to do another psa test in late January and see if rising continue and keep me on bicalutamide until then. He claims that the rising of psa we can see now is still so low and sometimes it will stay like that. Is it your experience that at this point I should put on Zytiga or docetaxel and is there some result of using Zytiga along with Bicalutamide.

Lesson learned. Don't brag about a "cured" PC. I surely don't. I had RP (RALP) in 2017, and have undetectable PSAs. For now. I take a deep breath each time I get a call from my uro with the latest PSA results. Best wishes, Innon!

innon in reply to Jeff85705

Thank you Jeff. I agree and have no hopes for being cured. The only question in my mind is what is giving the best result to keep the monster asleep for as long as possible. I guess that is very individual between us. I am 62, was 55 when uninvited visitor came to my body. I was wondering what to expect and if I should press for next step in medicine or wait for some weeks. Bicaludamide has been working for me now for two years and from what I have been reading it seems to work much longer for some of us. Rising from less than 0,01 in PSA to 0,02 is still very low. Can I expect it will stay there or is this strong sign of new chapter.

MelbourneDavid in reply to innon

0.01 versus 0.02 is at the limits of detection and might not reflect any actual change.

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