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Malecare is 20 Years Old-Please Donate To Support Our Next 20 Years

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Please donate at Malecare doesn't do road races, walkathons, sell t-shirts or host massive fundraisers. We're totally focused on doing things that keep all of us alive, and keep us happy while living. We do peer to peer support and life saving research. We're the guys who were the first to say that men and caregivers with "advanced prostate cancer' have unique needs; we're the first to create programs just for gay men with prostate cancer and for caregivers of advanced stage prostate cancer. We're the first to create a cancer research crowdfunding platform and the first and only prostate cancer nonprofit to patent a medical device. Our staff has written or co-written several dozen peer reviewed papers and our special projects, like CancerGraph, have been written about in top rank journals such as Lancet Oncology. We work hard but spend little to no time on fundraising....that's why it is so very important for you to -PLEASE - donate all that you can at

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