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A Message from Malecare regarding the Travel and Refugee Ban into the USA

All of us are affected by the recent refugee and travel ban. At one time or another, all of us have been helped by doctors, medical students, nurses, social workers, caregivers and fellow cancer patients who were born outside of the United States. Many of the treatments and drugs that keep us alive were developed by foreign born scientists and researchers. And, like me, some of us are partnered or married to men and women who were born outside of our borders.

Barring people of a particular origin or religion from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Malecare’s and our nation's core values. We are not fooled by the false claim that these restrictions will protect our nation or are merely temporary.

We at Malecare stand with the patients and health care workers who share the honor of our care. As America’s leading men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy nonprofit organization, we fear the harmful impact this Presidential executive order will have on our cancer patient community and ask that it be reversed.

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I totally agree. We have an idelogic idiot as POTUS.


Leave your inaccurate political bias out of this forum.

And, who the **** are you? There is no bias in what Darryl said. It's fact, maybe not what your type likes to hear, I'm sure. I imagine you as an older white guy, of GOP morals, who watches Fox News. I may be wrong, but I'll bet you voted for the freak. You, my friend, are a relative of immigrants. So, shut the **** up!

I"m One Damn Proud Dem, Joe

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You're also inexcusably misinformed.

OK, inform me...

I'm a U.S. citizen. This is not what our Constitution is about. As men sharing the same disease we need to support each other. Race or religion should not prevent someone from getting treatment in any country. Women have always been better at standing up for their rights. Maybe we men should follow suit whether it means equal funding or treatment.


"Race or religion should not prevent someone from getting treatment in any country."

WHERE do you people GET this stuff? You need to stop watching BSNBC.

I'm outta this forum.

Good riddance!

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Ok I am a Muslim from Iraq coming to the USA for pc treatments or surgery as a last minute grasp to hold on to life a little longer. I am stuck at Kennedy airport being held because I am Muslim from Iraq. I can't get treatment in the Country I choose.


I agree 100% Steve2675.

I'm from America. I voted Trump, and I am a proud Republican. None of that has a damn thing to do with PCa. I'm thru feeding the hatred on this thread. I'm here to read the incredible post by a few guys who should have been doctors.

And no, not good riddance to anyone. We all miss out on what they may have learned PCa wise. We are lesser for them leaving.

I'm not here to educate or explain American Policy, I'm here to learn about PCA. How about keeping it that way. We do need unity.


I thought I had withdrawn from this forum. It apparently didn't work. I will try again. In the meantime ...

• You are one of 300,000 people who flew into the U.S. that first weekend of the TERRITORIAL ban.

• Only 113 were rejected, many only temporarily.

• The Muslim population of the seven countries of the 120-day ban is less than 10% of the world's Muslim population. How is that a "Muslim ban?

• Any country's leader's first responsibility is to his/her own citizens. Assad, are you listening?

• Towards that end, the travel ban's purpose and duration are to give the U.S. time to design and implement a functional vetting process, which our own intelligence and police agencies admit is useless.

• Have you read the Executive Order? It includes these paragraphs:

"In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including "honor" killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Sec. 2. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to protect its citizens from foreign nationals who intend to commit terrorist attacks in the United States; and to prevent the admission of foreign nationals who intend to exploit United States immigration laws for malevolent purposes."

What the hell's wrong with that policy?

• Who declared those seven countries sponsors of terrorism? Barack Obama.

• Who was elected in part BECAUSE he vowed to create and enforce sound immigration policies? Donald Trump. i.e., He's doing the job he was elected to do, including improving our safety and supporting the Constitution (e.g., impeding the flow of invaders who would harm us.)

• I am a lifelong, caucasian, agnostic U.S. citizen. I can't get the treatment I want IN MY OWN COUNTRY because both of the sanctuary city airports I must use almost weekly are locked down by idiot protestors without a single fact in their empty heads (like some of our members here), who are violating many laws while the mayors of those cities order their police to stand down. The treatment I can get locally is vastly second-rate, only in part because it WILL kill me by driving my cancer to castrate resistance. Because of those ^&*@($%^&!(% ignorant, spoiled, self-serving, anarchistic little $#!+s, I must give up the most important activity of my life AND highly likely die sooner than necessary.

• And yet most men here stand by silently while our administrator lies about the issue and censors inconvenient opposing facts.

Just two points. of fact. Nothing has been censored in this thread, except for curse words, e.g. F--- which were replaced with ****

Point of fact two: I (the administrator referred to above) have not lied about anything.

Nothing wrong with a health policy or political discussion as long as it is related to men's cancer care.

Just be sure to state which country your discussion relates to in the heading of new posts. This is an international community and many may wish to skip topics outside of their country .

One of my comments and that of Bill Miller was deleted, and neither was the least bit offensive. Yet you allowed that obscene STFU blast from your fellow radical. How does it relate to health or cancer?

Anyone who says this is a Muslim ban is stating as fact something he knows to be false. That, by definition, is a lie.

Two more points of fact:

No posts have been deleted by me. ( I believe Bill has left this community or fully deleted his Healthunlocked account and probably deleted or "hid" his posts by his own choice. That is beyond administrator control.

You are welcome to post / repost your comment which you think was deleted)

Neither I, Malecare nor any of the other health care nonprofits like ASCO, AHA and others have called this a "Muslim" ban.

You didn't use the word, "Muslim", but both your tone and your inflammatory reference, "Barring people of a particular origin or religion ...." made your implications crystal clear. Your acceptance of the STFU personal attack post reinforces those implications, because you know darned well the 90-day ban (and its interim progress reports directed by the EO) very explicitly focus on 7 countries identified by Barack Obama as terrorist hotbeds, NOT on people of any ethnic or religious background. The EO very expressly lists violent anti-American behaviors, not ancestry or faith, as its litmus test. Anyone who is offended because those behaviors manifest his religion NEEDS TO RE-EXAMINE HIS RELIGION.

Am I oversensitive? That's not even possible, given the tens of thousands of similar unfounded personal attacks levied at me because I support core American values such as the Constitution, capitalism, religious freedom, equal opportunity for any law-abiding resident, self-reliance, TOLERANCE FOR THOSE WHOSE (LEGAL) IDEAS DIFFER FROM MINE, etc. 20,000 of my own factual and rational responses to those baseless ad hominem attacks in many venues achieved nothing, so now I simply walk rather than engage. These people are not interested in rational, factual debate, only in verbal and physical assault. The only difference I can see between the online STFU brigade and the full-scale riot brigades is a Molotov cocktail, and IMO anyone rearing back to throw one of those deadly weapons should be shot on sight so the only person immolated is himself, not some cop or soldier.

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I guess I'm STFU. All typical Republican talking points, you informed me well of who you are, and what you stand for. What is it your kind are so afraid of? This all started from your fear of "inaccurate political bias". And, dude, you just spewed a shitload of it. Is "shit" OK?

And, if you've had tens of thousands of personal attacks levied against you, I have nothing more to say. Except, as the pres would call it, "LOSER". Bon voyage!

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I find it hard to comprehend how an 'American' could be so disconnected that your post would offend them. Then call it "inaccurate political bias". And, then to go on a rant of biblical proportions that's inaccurate political bias. You didn't have to read Darryl's post, but you did, and it made you mad, boo-hoo. You should of left it at that and went back to the malecare page, but nope not you. Your type doesn't/won't do that, your type are reactionary, your going to teach that guy a lesson one way or another. Unfortunately for us who have our feet planted firmly on the ground, we have to put up with scum like you.

I read this morning about the many children who were coming for life saving surgeries, who have been sent back home to die. As the pres would say, "wrong".

I don't give a poop what you call it, it still is, and will continue to be a Muslim Ban.


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I feel that we should try our best to keep politics and our personal feelings about political issues which do not directly affect Prostate Cancer out of this forum. I am new here and was very enthused about the forum and learning a lot and now I am very disappointed to see this as a topic. It is upsetting and not educational or helpful.


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