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56m, Digital in Oct. 2017- hard & enlarged on right side, PSA 40. 12/13 positive PSA 3+5=8 (5%@5) one core. Pretty healthy otherwise. PROLARIS test score 3.1 (less aggressive).

Surgery, beam and/or seed radiation, ADT (hormone deprivation) have all have been recommended by various Drs.

I want to look at alternatives, and would like to hear from any that have experience with any.


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JRC61, What option you decide on depends a lot on your age. First off, let me tell you a little about me and my experience. I am not an expert but I have been a facilitator for our local PC Support group so I have seen and heard many stories from many men who have been diagnosed and have chosen different options with varying levels of success and failure.

I am 77 now. I was diagnosed at age 52 with a PSA of 10.8. A biopsy showed Prostate Cancer (PC) that was thought to be contained in in the prostate capsule. Back in 1993 there was no Divincy type surgery and the options were radical surgery, external beam radiation, hormone treatment or "watchful waiting" to see what happens. My urologist recommended surgery and after talking with 2 other internal Drs, who both recommended surgery because of my young age, I had it done. Surgery went well, all was good for about a year until my PSA began to rise. I then had 35 treatments of radiation. Again, all went well for about a year until PSA rose once more. Urologist then recommended hormone injections. My insurance would not cover them at the time so I opted to have an Orchiectomy (testicles removed which takes away the testosterone which feeds the cancer) Works the same as ADT. That stopped my cancer but caused Hot flashes, which any form of ADT will do. Personally, from my experience, I would go with the surgery if you are under or near 70. You no doubt will experience impotence and possibly some incontinence, but PC can usually be beaten IF you deal with it. Simply waiting to see what happens is the WORST option. Once the cancer is out of the capsule, it becomes a whole different and more dangerous disease. Good Luck.

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I'm not doing nothing. I'm going to get Ga-68 PET/CT, see where else Ca might be, as recommended by Dr. Busch (Chattanooga). He detected spots he called "suspect" in nearby lymphnodes. After scan I'll have more ideas about what is a viable treatment. Meanwhile, I will fight with diet based alternatives and monitor progression.

Still want to hear from those that have utilized any alternative treatments.

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JRC61...., as I said, Good luck.

Gleason 8 is really nasty. PSA 40 is very high and 12/13 cores is big. They combine to make some spread very likely.

The Ga-68 PET/CT is a good idea. It's the most sensitive test for metastases available.

If it's confined to the pelvic region, ADT plus High Dose Rate Brachytherapy plus external radiation seems to be most effective. is informative. Modern IMRT is vastly better directed than radiation used to be.

Getting to a healthy weight, if you're overweight, and exercise both have very beneficial effects. A supplement of broccoli, green tea and pomegranate extracts had benefit in a good trial in the UK.

Otherwise alternative treatments are a way of letting it progress. PSA is just an indication and some things reduce PSA without affecting the cancer.

I've read multiple people's experiences with cannabis extracts. Benefits with pain and in one case neuropathy, but the cancer just kept growing.

I had PSA of 4.4 and Gleeson of 8. After consultations with my Urologist, Surgical, Brachytherapy Specialist, and Radiation Oncologist, I choose radiation after surgery and radiation were supposedly my really only options and I didn't like the recovery time and possible side effects of surgery. . Over 2/3rd way thru on 45 treatments. Going well with only side effect of constipation, esp. during the first half of treatments; but better now.

Hi JRC61

I am Roland and I am currently in the Advanced Prostate Cancer group/forum.

I noticed you are interested/intrigued by alternative treatment so check me out especially on my recent replies as I have not been doing latest update,

Roland (Honorary Doctorate????)

JRC61 in reply to Roland632017

Just getting back with you because of travels. I am very interested in alternatives. I have been intensely studying conventional, alternative, and collaborative treatments (cancer tutor, and many, many other places). There is so much info, it’s hard to take it all in. 
I read some of your posts, best of luck to you.

Look into Provenge.

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