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High PSA Apparently Due To Infection?

I am a healthy 73 year old. I had my first PSA test in 2015 and the result was 3.5 and a second test in 2016 resulted in the same reading. Direct rectal examinations at the same times resulted in no indication of abnormality. In recent years I have experienced nocturia, but not to a worrisome degree. In late October of this year I experienced a rather severe UTI. Following the antibiotic regimen I went to the doctor's office to provide a urine sample to confirm that the infection had been cured, which it had, and, at the doctor's suggestion he performed my annual physical exam. The DRE again indicated no problem, but the blood test resulted in a PSA reading of 59, which was greatly concerning, so he referred me to a urologist, who I saw one week later. The urologist checked my urine and it was OK, drew blood, which resulted in a PSA reading of 37, and performed a DRE, which indicated no problem. He told me that the high PSA readings were almost certainly caused by the infection, and that the drop from 59 a week ago to 37 was a good sign that this the case. Last Thursday, six weeks later, he checked my PSA again and it was 7.4 which he said was good and to come back in two months for another PSA test. All of this has caused me a lot of anxiety and I now know that my doctor should not have tested my PSA so soon after my infection. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Impressive PSA spike, but clearly the infection. Cancer PSA doesn't drop like that without treatment.


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