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Diagnosed on 9/11/17

Got the call on Monday morning to get over to my doctors. Long story short, Gleason of 49 as of a few weeks ago. I'm 54. Before then I pretty much thought I'd live forever.

I just started hormone therapy a few weeks ago. I have a lot of worries about the therapy but experience will tell.

I just got an MRI to see if I am a candidate for Seed Therapy. They want to ensure that the cancer is isolated mostly to my prostate. Seed and then external radiation and hormone therapy is the plan.

'm mad at my doctor. Before this year the last PSA test or DRE I got was in 2008 when my Gleason was 1.x

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Hi. Sorry to hear the bad news. You are unusually young for such advanced cancer. The proposed treatment is a very effective combination.

The numbers (49 and 1.x) are PSA levels - how much PSA is in your bloid. A Gleason score is an assessment of the patterns of the cancerous tissue in a biopsy or surgery tissue sample. It runs from 6 to 10, with 6 usually pretty slow growing almost benign cancer and over 8 very aggressive and dangerous.


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