Given my answer for my treatment

I would like to thank everyone for their words. Some scared me, some made me feel better but all your words were greatly appreciated. I had an interview with a radiologist who is world class. He reviewed my situation - age 61, Gleason 7( 3+4), PSA 6, no symptoms but found during routine physical- and said basically if you are under 65, surgery is your first course for the best results. Radiation is for 70 and up. He was direct and frank with this and I appreciated his approach. I will update my progress as I am sure there is someone else like me out there wandering about trying to get a definitive opinion. For that person, I say read everything you can especially research papers from journals (ex. AMA , New England Journal of Medicine). I felt it helped understand the dilemma doctors have in giving an opinion. I was told the only thing you can control with PC is the selection of your doctor and I guess thats brutally true. Thanks everyone for welcoming me into our exclusive club, although I am still not sure about the benefits it gives us..

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  • Thanks for your last post. And yes, I too wanted a definitive answer which procedure is best for my situation. Neither my GP nor my Urologist would say but that I should hear the Radiation Oncologist's opinion before I made my decision. Except for being a year older, my symptoms, cancer contained within the capsule, Gleason and PSA are exactly the same. And yes, it pays to be as well informed as possible before you meet your physicians.

    Have had conflicting and somewhat confusing information from the perhaps biased ( overly enthusiastic ) Radiation Oncologist's promotion regarding comparative %s for successful outcomes - 90-92% full cure for radiation as opposed to 80-85% full cure for surgery ("And I'm being very generous"). That was confidently disputed by my Urologist as being about 90% for both. It is also encouraging to hear your Radiologist say surgery is better for men under 65 with our similar conditions.

    My medical appointments with the specialists have been comprehensive and therefore few and conveniently in quick succession. My next, on Tuesday, is the preliminary with the surgeon for his input regarding robotic excision and, barring any more surprises I hope, the settling on a date for that to take place.

    There; I've already benefitted from your contribution as, I'm sure, others will as well. Thank you.

  • Good luck to you ..You will fare well..None of us chose this ,but as John Wayne said " A mans gotta due what a mans gotta due " Macho in a sense but some truth..Be your own Dr.. do all that you can and you will benefit. Not saying by any means that it's easy, only that you will get through and there is light at the end of the tunnel.Best wishes. Good luck!

  • We are and always will be here for you. I'm glad treatment is starting. Your age is on your side

  • I am glad you are here for all of us, especially for your father. Your insights spur us to remain cheerful. Thanks.

  • You will find in time and through your treatment ,answers here to any question you could have,and knowledge from others going through it.....That's were the value is.You will read another's story and it will be identical to yours.Commrads in P C...Fear is a big factor for most of us ..Especially upon diagnosis..Having no symptoms is a blessing..Strenghten yourself with diet and exercise and counteract treatments with good case started off messy and I went into kidney failure , not a candidate for surg.I had a nuclear bone test yesterday and the tech got diagnoses 7 yrs ago,took prostate out and he doesn't even take any act , nothing.If fully contained your results can be the same.That guy is strong and working .My opinion from having advanced non operableis " I'd do just about any thing if there is even a chance to stop advancement..There will be some hell to pay,but not as much if you do nothing at all ..You can beat this!

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